Supernatural high official thread



“Not really, I’m too tired to move out of my dorm. I can’t even make my own art, I can’t be really helpful.”


“That is fine but you are staying here tonight.” I say as I pull him closer to me.


“I’m thinking about pigeons, I share the dorm with a werewolf and Quinn is giving an order. Wha the fuck is up with the world, today?” Complain all you want, Jhonen, but there’s a big smile on your face while you hug Quinn back.


“Im being assertive.” I say with a laugh. “I need to eat I really haven’t done that today.” I say as I nuzzle into him.


“The more you eat and the more cuddles you’ll get.”


“Ok the you better get off my lap so I can get up to eat. Because I love your cuddles.” I say as I kiss him.


He smiles and geats on his feet, “What are you eating?”


“I dont know i haven’t eaten here in a while so I’ll have to look for something.” I say as i stand and give him a hug.


@LeIsaac hey i dont have school today so I am free all day.


@LeIsaac are you on???


@LeIsaac i am going to be off for a while in about 2-3 hours


@fal.renet1398 I’m sorry, I’m on now ;-;


“You haven’t eaten in your own dorm?”


“Not for a while if you haven’t realized ive been in your room quite often.” I say as I make some toast.
@LeIsaac its cool no big deal


“Don’t you say?”


" Jhonen shut up." I say laughing.


“Make me” He crosses his arms.


I set my toast don and walk over to him. I wrap my arms around him then Kiss him. “Was that good enough for you?” I ask with a smile as I lay my head on his shoulder.


He blushes and smiles “Well, I’m still talking here, I don’t think you’re very suited for this job.”


“I could give you more.” I say as i meet his eyes. “If you stop being and ass.” I say messing up his hair.