Supernatural high school sign ups


O’Brian High school is a school built for the supernatural beings (Vampire, Werewolves, Banshees, Revenants, and Mermaids/Sirens) as well as humans
The school is made so children of both worlds can intermingle and hang out together.

Vampiric Rules.
Permission to drink from humans. once done drinking from human, make them think they fell and hit themselves (Blood drinking causes delusions)
No power use in front of Humans
No turning humans into Vampires. unless permission from both Headmaster and person
(Powers are superspeed, superstrenght)

Werewolf Rules
No turning Humans into werewolves unless they consent and talk to headmaster and permission is granted
no powers in front of humans
(Powers are super speed, heightened senses, the ability to turn humans into werewolves)
Werewolves can turn at will when angry
are forcably turned on full moons

Banshee Rules
No powers in front of Humans
(super scream)
Banshees are mutated humans basicly. But are classified as Supernatural for there powers

Revenant Rules
No killing, and powers
(Making human a Revanent) Not allowed
revenants are Dead and then reanimated.

Mermaid/Siren Rules
No entering water around Humans.
No powers in front of Humans
(Powers are the ability to control water)
Once touches water, you begin to turn into a mermaid/ siren
Sirens are dark, and there magic is chaotic, disasterous
Mermaids are light, there magic as controlled, healing

Change in eye color (Vampires And Werewolves, and Revenants)
Werewolves : Eye color changes to orange/ gold when angry, turns to there wolves eye color when transforming

Vampire : Turns red when hungry, black when in control

Revenant : Red when angry

If you can think of another supernatural creature let me know and I will get back to you if you can use it or not

Rules for everybody
Romance is allowed
Drama is allowed. Not allowed OOC (Out of character) drama.
Please keep in mind that there no schedule and just make it up as you go.

This is was originally started by @Riverian but she was inactive and the rp continued to gain interest so I picked it up.

The sign up from is linked above

The face claims slide will be posted as soon as I have more then five people interested and there forms turned in.

Those who are involved or said they were intrested
@LeIsaac @Epi.Sympatics @Coolepisodes

Supernatural high official thread
Supernatural high official thread

Reserve for a siren :slight_smile:


i am having issues with the sign up link if any one knows how to share a google form on here please help


Reserve for one Human


someone let me know if the sign up link works now


It says we have to sign in


ok give me a second I am trying to figure it out does anyone know how


ok try it now


can some one let me know if the link is now working


It does.

Do I really have to re-write all Jhonen’s presentation?


no you are good I just tagged you because I knew you would try the sign up




@Mimi0829 and @LorethA please send me a face claim pic i forgot that question


@fal.renet1398 is it okay if have a Werehyena instead of a Werewolf? It would be the same thing, the only difference would be the animal.


go for it just put that down for other on the form @Surface_Hyena57


@Surface_Hyena57 also where it asks for a picture of there wolf put the Hyena down for me please


Okay, I did. Thanks @fal.renet1398

Also, I submitted my character, does anyone want any kind of relationship with him (my character)?


Are you still taking characters?


Yes you can sign up


I’ve read part of the story, and I CAN’T STOP READING. That roleplay is beautiful!