Supernatural High school



O’Brian High school is a school built for the supernatural beings (Vampire, Werewolves, Banshees, Revenants, and Mermaids/Sirens) as well as humans
The school is made so children of both worlds can intermingle and hang out together.

Vampiric Rules.
Permission to drink from humans. once done drinking from human, make them think they fell and hit themselves (Blood drinking causes delusions)
No power use in front of Humans
No turning humans into Vampires. unless permission from both Headmaster and person
(Powers are superspeed, superstrenght)

Werewolf Rules
No turning Humans into werewolves unless they consent and talk to headmaster and permission is granted
no powers in front of humans
(Powers are super speed, heightened senses, the ability to turn humans into werewolves)
Werewolves can turn at will when angry
are forcably turned on full moons

Banshee Rules
No powers in front of Humans
(super scream)
Banshees are mutated humans basicly. But are classified as Supernatural for there powers

Revenant Rules
No killing, and powers
(Making human a Revanent) Not allowed
revenants are Dead and then reanimated.

Mermaid/Siren Rules
No entering water around Humans.
No powers in front of Humans
(Powers are the ability to control water)
Once touches water, you begin to turn into a mermaid/ siren
Sirens are dark, and there magic is chaotic, disasterous
Mermaids are light, there magic as controlled, healing

Change in eye color (Vampires And Werewolves, and Revenants)
Werewolves: Eye color changes to orange/ gold when angry, turns to there wolves eye color when transforming

Vampire: Turns red when hungry, black when in control

Revenant: Red when angry

Rules for everybody
Romance is allowed, but please, when pants and shirts and underwear come off, just… dont go that far.
Drama is allowed. Not allowed OOC (Out of character) drama.
Please keep in mind that there no schedule and just make it up as you go. Thx

Official thread will be made soon. When We have at least 5 Face claims we can begin, New people welcomed throughout year

All werewolves are in the same pack once entering the school system, if you wish to make yuo own pack, Ask current Alpha and Headmaster to make arrangements


@Riverian I just want to said this would be a great idea but you should probably put it in this thread.

You always want to know how many people would like to join your rp before you make it. To kinda get a idea if you should make it!


This makes me think of a mixture between The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf :slight_smile:


It kinda is.


OOOOH Ok , thanks


But really, does anyone actually want to join


I will if more people come…


I would it sounds intresting


Good to know when you signup let me know and I will.


Ok I will probably do it tonight but can i make two character a bit and girl??


@Riverian I’m signing up now. But it won’t let me access the face claims so I clicked request access and it says it gives you an email that I dunno, you do something with that then lets me view the face claims. Sorry for the trouble.


Ok. I’m going to signup later today


Yes you can


Oh no its fine, if you have any troubles just tag me, and i will try and help


I just submitted my sign up. (:slight_smile:


Ok, i fixed it. I uh, forgot to change it from private to open to anyone with a link :tired_face:


Ok I will sign in a bit


I’ll sign up in a moment.


Uhm quick question @Jules_Episode @Tellyg47 @AngelinaTheUnicorn @HermanEpisode @fal.renet1398, who summited Allison Harting? Because I Need a face claim (What you character looks like) I forgot to mention that one


not me I haven’t signed up yet