Supernatural powers


Hello episodians I want to write a story with 2 main characters having supernatural powers but I don’t know what powers I should give my main characters. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.


Tori- Black…
Does your name have to do with anything in particular? :joy:


Hey :grin:
I would say fire and water/ice but I guess I’ve already seen one or two stories including characters with such powers.
Maybe air and earth or light and darkness would be interesting.
There are a few more ideas:

  • power to control weather
  • shadow traveling
  • talking to animals
  • power to predict events, catastrophes
  • power to control technologies
  • shape-shifting

I hope I helped a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:




Thank you so much!


It’s not your real name obviously, I’m 98% sure I know where it’s from but I don’t wanna be awkward so you can tell me😂


My real name is Victoria and black is my favourite colour so I just jumbled it up lol.


Oh my god, I just googled the name :skull:


Oh shoot, I googled it too tho.
Not what I meant. Tori and Black are names from the Chain Reaction Series :joy:


If you don’t want to use overlays then you can use simple powers like Mind reading, teleporting, Time control, Invisibility and etc.