Support here, everyone!

Hey everyone! For some, this may be a sensitive or personal topic. I fully understand that. If this for some reason offends you, then simply leave this topic. Please don’t hate on here!
Anyways, let’s get to the point. I support gay rights. You should support them too. The more support we get, the better it will be, trust me.
Go gay rights!!! :rainbow_flag:

  • Dasha

YES!!! I Support all DA WAY!!! Do you watch Shane Dawson??


No…should I??? :thinking:

I mean I guess! He’s funny and hilarious! PLUS he’s gay!! He is my QUEEN!!!

Okie, maybe I should. Thanks for the suggestion! :slightly_smiling_face:

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He does use foul language but he’s GREAT!!

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Everyhuman should have rights, no matter their sexuality or gender or etc. Honestly people should be able to live without being judged. #equality



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I definitely support gay rights. They’re important, and love is love. I still don’t know why people are offended over it. If a person is gay, they’re not insane or suddenly a different person. And trying to stop them won’t work. If a person likes a person of the same sex, how will you be able to stop them?
It’s time to support gay rights once and for all!

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I agree with you! :smile:

I agree there are too many people hating the gay community just because there different and the haters only see normal colour black and white. People do not choose who they love and they should be able to love anyone. GO GAY RIGHT!!! :rainbow_flag:

We have a pride month contest

Is it about sexuality?

Yess! Go LGBTQ+!! :rainbow_flag:

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Yass queen! Been watching him since 2011!