Support the author button help?

I’ve seen some authors use a “support the author” button at the end of each chapter (examples include the story “Trapped” by Aluzsa and “Something Wicked” by Cindy Gaultier). Does anyone know what this does/ how I can put it in my story too? Any help would be amazing!

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Thank you so much! I guess I just get confused because when I choose to support an author at the end of a chapter, no gems are deducted from me. Maybe that’s a glitch?

You can read more here: Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!

It’s not a glitch, it’s just not released for everyone, including me :nerd_face: And I don’t get gems deducted either but it counts as a gem read for the author, regardless :thinking:

they do nothing and you should not tap them. a gem choice shall offer something. and they dont. and what they are doing is pretty wrong

it’s a token of appreciation for the authors that do not give you gem choices throughout the story even though they could. Some authors offer bonus scenes for it, some just put it as a donation of sorts instead of giving you gem choices throughout the story. None of them are making you click it, it’s sorta like Ko-Fi, you click it if you want to help the author.


On top of that, authors in payments get their bonus whether people click on the gem option or not. So they’re literally adding the easiest choice possible out of laziness. (This could change of course, but at the moment, they just need to include gem options in each episode, but it doesn’t matter who clicks it.) You’re helping authors get their bonus just by reading the chapters. You don’t need to click the gem choice.

Authors not in the program however, need 300 gem choices selected (as well as the read requirement), so selecting this option does help. (I still think it’s lazy, but if you can’t see gems it’s your call lol.)

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