Supporting All Art Threads! 😄

So I have a ton of art needed and I always liked requesting at new art threads so just drop your thread below(can be a new or old one) and tell me what kind of art you do! I will almost definitely request in a maximum of 5 days.
And, no, I will not request for the sake of requesting. I actually am working on a INK and LL story so I will use the art you give me.
If I don’t request after 5 days, there are 3 reasons why:
1. I don’t need your type of art but may need it later on
2. I’ve requested at your thread before and already have what I need
3. I am away and I have not seen your thread yet

Feel free to tag!
Random tags( not sure if your requests are open, but :woman_shrugging: )
@DarkDreamz (already requested from you though but i love your art and will request again)
@Maria.StoryWritter (thx for the art scene)
@Olivia_Singh27 (deifinitely start a proper art thread cos your art is beyond awesome!)
@Turtle_Cat (already requested but again, :woman_shrugging:)
@AMagic (your art is amazing as well!)
@Forever1201 (thx for all art i’ve requested or pending)

:smile: :heart:


Ahh ur too kind I swear :heart: I will soon because I want to focus on improving and giving people their request makes me happy, so I wanna give them the best I can do :heart:


Omg thank you! ^o^
I think I can do any art except realistic art?
Feel free to request again meow~

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