Supporting authors with gem choices

I have a couple of questions to ask lol

  1. Do you or would you choose a gem
    choice to support an author if it was optional eg

Would you like to support the author?

  1. Would you prefer an option to choose the amount of gems you give to support?


Would you like to support the author?
if so please select the amount you would like to donate.

1 gem
2 gems
3 gems
4 gems
5 gems

  1. Do you like to gain something from choosing to support the author such as bonus scenes or does this make you feel like the author is making you pay for something and should just stick with an option to donate gems with no extra content?
  1. Yes especially if it’s a story I genuinely enjoy.

  2. Yes.

  3. It be nice to gain something but its not that important to me.

I’d rather just support the author with no gemmed bonus scenes since if u add extra, people may feel obliged to spending the gems just so they read your hard work (:

If u want to add extra with the gems feel free to since some may read but people are more likely to actually read it if its free since gems are too expensive for some (:

Yes I would click a support the author choice but only if they are my friend. Most keep it at 5 so I don’t think this is necessary but if you want to add it then add it. It could be good for those with gems to spare and want to give extra. I don’t like extra content because I am always missing out on it because I don’t like spending my gems.