Supporting small authors!

Hello Fellow Episodians❤
I hope you all are doing well!
So being a new and small author myself, I feel its really important that we not only support the known big names in the community but also all the other underrated authors who are giving their 100% to reach the top! After all, we are a community and the least we can do for each other is try to uplift each other in any literally ANY way we can.
Also, in my opinion any author who has less than 1.5k reads on their stories are small authors ( that’s just how I see it, different people can have different opinion about it😊)
And thus, for the very purpose of uplifting small and/or underrated authors and stories, I am starting this thread today where you can either promote your story or share stories which are underrated and deserve more attention! :sparkling_heart:
I am linking my own very first episode story here too which I released five days ago and which currently is on 22 reads!

Name- Match Made In Hell
Author- Aishani
Style- LL
Chapters- 3 (more chapters coming soon)
CC- Yes

Be kind, be supportive and much love!:yellow_heart::two_hearts:


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