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These amazing covers were by @versearrow, her shop I’d closed but she’s extremely talented

I’m in the middle of creating my story and it’s taking a bit longer then I expected but I’m getting there.
The Story follows Mae-San Takanashi, a 21 year old from Japan, move to Seoul, South Korea to become a Kpop idol, it follows her and 4 other girls as they debut and deal with, fame, love, and drama.
I have done research about Kpop idols to make my story accurate but the only thing that won’t be accurate is her trainee period. Idols usually train for years before debuting but the MC debuts after a few weeks and that’s where my questions start:

1. Should the MC debut after a few weeks of months? Therefore spanning the episodes out a little more

2. Right now I have the MC finish her trainee period in the 2nd episode aka a few weeks, should she/you be done in the 2nd episode?

3. Mae is from Japan but I give full CC with a. Visual Dara Amarie template, should I give full CC?

4. There is Korean in the story because it’s taking place in Korea but only like company ceos and strangers speak Korean to them because Mae is not fluent in Korean yet, should there be more Korean?

5. Any other advice for the story

These are just a few questions I have that would help a ton, please answer and share with your friends, Thank you!


speaking from a writers perspective; I think after a few weeks since it will catch the readers attention from the beginning of the story, and this way they will stay interested in what’s to come.

I think its cool if she finishes in the second episode; it would be pretty neat if you showcased what the training looks like, but thats up to you :thinking:

honestly, I think limited CC would be better in this scenerio.

something you could do is progressively add more korean to showcase that Mae’s Korean is getting better

as of right now, nope! but I fs can’t wait to read this :blob_sun:


Thank you! I will definitely be using your advice about outing more Korean in it seeing that Mae’s getting better!


I think in a few weeks is better:)

Yes, it feels like the right time.

She’s Japanese and it’ better to have a limited CC (either way her nationality doesn’t matter that much)

I’m all hands for if there’s still a way to understand what they are saying (through the readerMessages)

I love your idea And your characters :blob_sun: And I’m looking forward to reading it!!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


Thank You!

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