Survey for the Episode community

Hey everybody, I have a survey for the Episode community and I’ll be asking some questions of which you prefer on Episode.

Full CC, Limited CC, or No CC

  • Full CC
  • Limited CC
  • No CC
0 voters

Music or no music

  • Music
  • No music
0 voters

Body type selection or no body type selection

  • Body type selection
  • No body type selection
0 voters

One LI or Multiple LIs

  • One LI
  • Multiple LIs
0 voters

Sweet LI or Toxic LI

  • Sweet LI
  • Toxic LI
0 voters

Do you like filters in Episode stories?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only in certain scenes
0 voters

I like this Poll :star_struck:! Can I vote :face_holding_back_tears:?

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Of course, you can vote.

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