Survey on my UPCOMING STORY!👀

Hey there! Greetings from :india:!!!
So, I’m entering this Reveal contest with my upcoming story and I’ve been wanting to ask y’all what do you guys prefer and what you don’t. After all, we’re writing for you so I guess you people should have a say in this. And it’d be good to conduct a basic survey :thinking:

  1. What do you prefer the most?
    Limited CC or Full CC

BTW it’d mean the world to me if you choose limited CC :pleading_face: and the descriptions or art scenes will be solely based on their original features

Another thing- If you all will go with Full CC, I suggest to make the MC look different bc I’ll let you play as ‘you’ who is the main side character and will have great impact on the MC (you’ll have full CC, sexuality of YOUR LI and body type option. Yay!!!)

  1. Sounds with music/ Only sounds like gunshots, comedy sounds, punch and all that???

  2. Mainly focused on plot/ Interactive with choices and mini games???

  3. What would you like to see first??? (for this you’ve to check out my IG Account :two_hearts:@natasha.stories
    Meet the characters/ Story title and mood boards

  4. Well this is on me😅
    Bad ass MC/ Bad ass MC

Comment down the answers below or you can DM/PM me and I’ll definitely take your word for it :hugs:
Have a good day or Night❤


hi! :relaxed:

  1. Limited CC is absolutely fine with me!
  2. I love reading with sounds, I would really appreciate it if you used music and sounds :heart:
  3. The plot is more important to me but choices and mini-games are still super fun!
  4. I think story title and mood boards :sweat_smile:
  5. What? :joy: But badass MC’s are cool :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for replying😊 and making my life easier by choosing Limited CC😂
I’ll take your opinion for my story
And of course We stan bad ass girls🙌

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I actually love customizing characters but honestly if there are any art scenes or descriptions I would rather not customize them at all :joy:

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Hey :butterfly:

  1. I love Limited CC because it’s so much easier :blob_sun:
  2. I usually put my phone on mute so I don’t listen to the sound
  3. I think the plot is really important to the story but I love making choices
  4. I would love to Meet the characters first
  5. I’m in the middle, I love if the mc is kinda shy and then progresses in the story and becomes badass :smile:

I hoped that helped :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And Good luck with your story :blob_turtle:

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Oh that definitely helped🤗
Thanks for the opinion and with you all amazing people in here I’m sure I’ll improve :orange_heart:

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Exactly and if you customized the MC as blonde but the LI says “I prefer brunettes over blondes” to the your blonde MC…girl, that’ll just look so weird😂

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  1. Limited CC, honestly No CC is my preference. :joy:
  2. Only sounds though I don’t normally read with sound at all.
  3. Focus on the plot! Mini games would be fun thoo.
  4. Um how bout both lmao. :rofl:
  5. I usually like bad ass MCs cos they’re bad ass but preferably for myself, i like bad ass MCs more because they’re bad ass.

All the best with your story! :relaxed:
IG: episode.sarahlee (shameless)

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  1. Honestly I don’t care that much about CC. Full CC is nice, but I don’t mind limited CC. If you’re using descriptions and art scenes, it would be much better to use limited CC, so that the descriptions make sense and the art scenes match. Besides, it’s the story that matters more.

  2. I think put music as well to give an atmosphere. I usually read with my sound off, but I know that music is very popular as it can really set the scene.

3.A few mini-games won’t hurt, but I’d say focus most of the story on the plot. As for choices, you don’t have to put too many, but try and put a few choices in each episode to make it more interactive. I think make some of the choices have a major impact on the storyline, but others just choices that change the story slightly in the short-term.

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Thanks for your feedback :heavy_heart_exclamation:
And I’m glad we’re on the same page about this CC thing😂
Do you have a story published?

Yes Girl, that’s exactly what I was thinking about the CC part.
And thanks a ton for your honesty. :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you for voting Limited CC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And you got me there with music and sounds
I’ll take your opinion for my story. :raised_hands:

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Not at the moment, I’m still in the planning stage. I haven’t started writing yet :sweat_smile:

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Girl, I say you do it. You wanna tell people your story, then write it bc No one is gonna be able to tell your story better than yourself.
Let me know if you need any help and Happy Writing :two_hearts:

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Woah thanks gurl :relaxed:
I’ll enjoy the writing process :heart:

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  1. What do you prefer the most?
    I’m fine with limited, especially as there’s a side “YOU” character.

  2. Sounds with music/ Only sounds
    I read with my sound off lol. I’d do both though, for a contest. Check the rubric- I can’t remember if music/sounds is mentioned under the directing section?

  3. Mainly focused on plot/ Interactive with choices and mini games ???
    For a contest story it’s strongly recommended to include choices. You can get an easy 4/4 just by including some choices that impact the story.

Thank you so much. :orange_heart:
They’re actually good opinions :grinning: