[SURVEY] We want to hear from YOU about our Creator Tools

Hello Creators!

Can you believe it? It’s been over 5 years since we first released our Writer’s Portal on the web to make it possible for any author to tell a story on Episode! :astonished: We’re incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing response – and this entire community! – come out of a passion project and we can’t thank you enough for continuing to support us (and each other!).

A lot has changed in 5 years, and we know that the tools we built back in 2014 are probably not the most effective or efficient tools we need in 2019 and beyond. As our platform continues to evolve, we want to make sure that we’re putting our time and effort towards the projects that could be most impactful towards telling interactive stories on Episode.

That means that we’re kicking off some research on our end to better understand YOU, the authors who come back day after day to write on Episode, and how you engage with some of the tools that we have built

It doesn’t mean that we don’t already have some ideas for what we can tackle; we do have them! However, we decided that it was more important to start out by improving our own understanding of how our Creator Tools fit into your life, and your opinions on certain parts of them, so that we can take a step back to see (and appreciate!) the big picture

To that end, we’d appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out this survey. The survey closes next week on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 – thanks in advance for your help and we look forward to reading your responses!

With love,

The Episode Team


ooh fun!



I’ll take it right now!


I have an issue with the survey. One question is “do you mind if we contact you”. The answer is yes or no. Naturally, I’d put “no I don’t mind”, since that means I’m ok with being contacted. However, the small description says this:

Saying Yes doesn’t meant that you will definitely hear from, just that you are open to continuing the conversation.

  1. There’s a typo
  2. Yes means you do mind and don’t want to be contacted, but it seems like it’s the wrong way around here.
  3. Does anyone proofread these before they go out?
  4. It’s quite confusing really.

If you want us to contact you, select “yes”

We’ve also updated the question to make it clearer


Liz another mistake.

Maybe I’m dumb, but I misunderstood how to answer this question:

I thought nr5 means I would definitely use mobile friendly Writer’s Portal!

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I feel so OLD omg, I remember starting my very first story (when there was only Classic), using limited backgrounds and not even touching overlays, zooming or spot animation. And there was definitely no mobile creator. To me, “I’ll just write it on my phone” means “I’ll type up a script for this chapter in Notes and airdrop it to my laptop later.”

Edit: Even my forum account is pretty old and I feel like I just joined… where my OGs at


Why is that a question now? It has nothing to do with the thread :thinking:

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I think y’all are getting off topic with the school system discussion. This is about the survey on Episode’s creator tools. #JustSayin


So you’re saying that’s a time of American College?

oops I might have done something dumb.

I said that I go to High School but the age can’t go with it…

I understood it as 1 meaning “I’d use Writer’s Portal on my phone” and 5 meaning “I wouldn’t use the Writer’s portal on my phone, I’d continue to use Mobile Creator on my phone that exists now” but it took a second read-through because I didn’t know they had different names. Again, hope this helps!

I was asking what the equivalent of middle school was in England, it was about the survey :woman_shrugging:

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Done :slight_smile:


I don’t really like the idea of writing on mobile, However, I do think it’s an amazing thing that you’re considering it especially for those who don’t own a pc or who doesn’t have access to one everyday. :wink:


filled it out <3