[SURVEY] We want to hear from YOU about our Creator Tools

I have a suggestion for a possible future update:

How about an auto scaler, I know we can scale them ourselves but it gets repetitive,
I’d love to have something in character creation that automatically makes that character that size when placed, (Unless otherwised scaled up for certain scenes).


So can I redo the survey? My phone didn’t show me the full survey answers correctly. I just realized that. @Jeremy or @Sydney_H

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Same here. I checked my answers and turned out my phone cut like half, so where there is rating of Mobile Creator and Writing Portal I evaluated them from 1-3.

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Yep, I didn’t realize until that picture was posted. Mine just showed the questions on the 1 side and the 1-5 rating but didn’t show the which number was what rating.

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I’m just gonna re-do it, and mention it somewhere

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Same here. I’m going try again.

You can only fill your form once xD mkay.

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Yeah, I just notice that too, Oh well. Hopefully they have enough survey takers that it won’t matter.

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Hey! When I first started, INK was the new kid in town and spot directing was nigh on impossible because there was no preview window! I like it better now :wink:


No idea to be honest but I have escalated this to Episode so hopefully they can get this resolved. :peace_symbol:

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I was 12 when I saw only classic.

Now, I’m 16.

You’re not old, you’re a young adult.

Okay, thank you for letting them know.

Submitted ^^


I want the mobile portal again! It was soo easy to code some mini ink stories. It would help me with SPOT PLACEMENT!

I want to create stories on mobile again, it was so much easier but now it’s with coding and you have to be really good at coding if you’re gonna do it. :pensive: