Survivor SG Sign Ups and Chat


None of it has to be anything actually about you, other than your forums username so I know who the character belongs to.

Age is asking for how old your character is. Not how old you are.

You aren’t signing yourself up in the signup form. You are making a character that is not yourself.


Thanksss xxx

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Does your sign up have anywhere to tell you what we want our character to look like?


Faceclaim. In faceclaim you search up a picture of a person and claim that as your character’s face/looks.

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Oh :open_mouth:, so you can put your characters picture there thru a link?


@coco.xhic this is not going to be an episode story. This is a going to be a story game here on the forums.

I would recommend reading some of this thread for more information about RPs and SGs
Here are a couple examples of SGs.

Oh then I’ve been getting this all wrong :sweat_smile: I’ll still be part of it tho, but sorry for not understanding anything :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking your time to explain to me, it must’ve been annoying to repeat things :sweat_smile:

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Can I reserve for a female, if they’re available?


Yes you can.

I don’t have a select number of spots open currently. I am accepting all submissions, but only some characters will get in


Alright. I’m using a character from another RP so when she sends in the details I’ll sign up!


I’ve seen some issues come up repeatedly in sign ups so I want to say a couple things.

They are all on a Tropical Island, so they are going to have a lot of bad weather, and a ton of rain! So think about that for your characters!

And there shouldn’t be any criminals.
There have been a couple of people whose said their characters have committed murder!
For the record, it doesn’t make them any more interesting. And they would not want to be on tv if they did that type of stuff. They would not be doing something to put themselves in the spotlight!!!


@Littlefeets with my reservations can I just have the same charactersas before or would you like me to make new characters?


@Daisy_Flower1 you can make the same characters as before. You just still have to fill out the new signup form because I have added some more information to it.

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Ok, thanks.


@Littlefeets If I have the same characters can I keep the same faceclaim. So, do I need to go find the images again or do you still have access to the from before?


I still have access to them. So you can keep the same faceclaim

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Ok, thank you. I promise i will fill out the form as soon as possible

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Signed up! I mixed her up a bit so I hope she is a good enough character!


When are sign ups due?


They we’re originally due a few days ago, but there wasn’t anywhere near enough sign ups, or high quality sign ups, so the due date is to be decided.