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The group had been living in this house for a while, it abandoned for a while and not too close to other houses in the area. People around them didn’t notice them, and those who owned the house had forgotten about it. The town was a few miles away, often being walked by Lucas for when they needed food, water, and any other supplies.

If you walked straight on from the house deeper into the forest you would eventually find a lake. Part of it was filled with algae and tall underwater plants, but the other part was clear and seemed clean.
Last Lucas was heard of was before everyone went to bed. He seemed fine, pretty relaxed as he took watch. In the morning, there was a blood-curdling scream coming from outside of the house deeper into the forest. Levi had found his body at about five in the morning. Lucas had about twenty-eight stab wounds in him. He was dead and seemed to have been for a while, the only people knowing his whereabouts had been him and all the other people he had lived with.

Everyone is a suspect, everyone has a motive.

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Start by having your character wake up from the house and run towards the screaming or something similar.




She wakes up with a start. Throwing aside her blankets she jumps out of bed and hastily puts on a pair of pants.
She steps out of her room nearly slamming open the door. “What the hell was that?”
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He was dreaming about something—someone?—chasing him down a dark hall, other screaming people in what appeared to be scrubs making a rather large racket. Which is why, maybe, the screaming outside of his dreamscape didn’t wake him up sooner, but as it was, it took him a minute to wake and process what was happening.
He felt the cold buzz of adrenaline burn through his system, his eyes shooting open a moment after realisation. Paris moved quickly out of his bed—his trepidation growing as the screams didn’t cease—as he tugged on a hoodie, opening the door a moment after.
He met Avery’s equally baffled and alarmed gaze, then glanced at the walls as if they would somehow answer, “I was asking myself the same thing,” he responded, tense


She looks at Paris with a slightly startled expression. Quickly regaining herself, she decides to take charge. “We need to know what the threat is and how far it is from us. Grab a weapon. I think we should send someone out and have someone stay.” She glances at his hoodie and quickly checks over how healthy he appears to be. Either one could easily go searching. She decides involving him will probably result in less protesting, “Do you want to stay and guard or go search?”


He barely even had to think about it; after all, as imposing as Avery could be, absolutely none of it was physically. “I’ll go,” he says, already moving to the entryway and crouching to put on his ratty sneakers, picking up one of the bats left by the door, “Can you hold down the fort?” He questioned, standing


Shaking uncontrollably, Levi took a few steps back. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing-- A dead body. The dead body of the main male role model in his life. Oh god. Oh god. This can’t be happening. He thought with panic. Why me, of all people, why am I the one to find him? He thought as tears came to his eyes. He screamed again, this time screaming in the hope someone would come. He ended up backing into a tree, causing him to jump. All the anxiety and seeing Lucas’s dead body began to make him feel sick.



She nods and stands with her hands on her hips. Then she moves toward the door and picks up a baseball bat, “Easily, if you aren’t back in…” She tilts her head side to side as she considers briefly, “fifteen minutes I’m assuming you’re dead and I’m locking the doors.” She moved next to the doors, “After an hour and thirty minutes I’m moving everyone.”


He nodded, “Exactly what I was thinking,” he agreed, unlatching the door and moving out—not before giving her the sloppiest salute he could muster in such circumstances, and following the continued screams.
He saw Levi first.
His brow furrowed, more white-hot adrenaline rushing through his veins as he picked up the pace towards the others hunched form.
He saw the others tears, second.
He froze, his baseball bat still in hand, his mouth forming words that didn’t come out, his every muscle tensed as he glanced for the source of Levi’s horror. “Wha—”
Paris’ bat hit the ground with a clang.
He saw the body last.
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He jumped once more when Paris ran up to him, but was slightly relieved. He began to feel lightheaded, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of Lucas’s body. His knees were weak and the rest of his body was feeling ten times heavier than they had been before. He moved to face away from the two before vomiting on the ground, everything getting way too stressful for his mind and body. He had been through shitty things in his life, but this seemed a lot different for him.


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She closed the door softly. Why had no one else come out of their rooms? She felt dread wash over her. Her breathing slowed as she glanced down. She decided to check on everyone as quietly as possible in case whatever happened was…in here too. Trying to move as silently and precisely as was physically possible, she stepped lightly towards the rooms. Her heart rate increased. She opened the door she knew wouldn’t creak and peered in, baseball bat raised. As pure adrenaline raced through her she could feel her heart beating through her entire body. She took a sharp breath in and saw-
They were
still asleep.
And snoring.
She took in a deep breath before breathing heavily as she almost shouted at the sleeping idiot.
You almost gave me a heart attack! She thought angrily. She swung her baseball bat slightly as she shook her head. Then she went back and checked on everyone.
Sleeping, all of them were sleeping.
She muttered under her breath, “Lazy, the whole lot of you. This is why I should be in charge.”




A cold sweat broke out over his body, but he barely noticed as he wrenched his eyes away from the—the corpse, his eyes locking on the terrified—vomiting—form of Levi.
He felt the shock settle into his bones, and the logical side of him took over.
He shucked off his hoodie, dropping it on the others shaking shoulders as he crouched next to the Levi.
“What happened?” He rasped
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After vomiting, Levi scooted away from the vile liquid and more towards the tree he had bumped into earlier, his throat on fire. He felt the jacket get dropped on his shoulders and he grabbed the sleeves of it tightly. A moment after Paris asked him what happened, he broke into heavy sobs. He began trying to say things in a mumbly crying sort of voice, but nothing of what he was saying was intelligible. He wanted to go back to the night before where Lucas was safe and very much alive.
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The other boys broken speech and unintelligible words clued Paris in that, maybe, his questions wouldn’t be answered in till Levi wasn’t eight feet away from a corpse. He put his hand on the others shoulder, “I’m—I’m going to pick you up,” he said, not really a question
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He began to hyperventilate as he knew his speaking wasn’t clear in the slightest. He was still shaking and sobbing, wanting to disappear and not have to deal with the whole situation. After hearing Paris say he was going to pick him up, he just aggressively nodded. It was a bad idea, because with how his tears were warping his vision it made him dizzy. He closed his eyes tightly and waited to be lifted from the ground, knowing fairly well his small and underweight body would be easy to pick up.
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He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding at the others non-verbal confirmation, crouching to pick up the other boys curled form.
It wasn’t difficult despite Paris’ own thin frame, and with a final glance at the corpse—because that really was all that lucas’ body could be called after god knows what happened to it—he moved with the other, bridal style in his arms, to the ramshackle house.
He kicked the door open unceremoniously.
“Avery,” he called, careful not to be too loud for the chilled boy in his arms, “We have a problem.”
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