Suspects Roleplay [Sign-Up Thread] (CLOSED)


This group have been together for as long as they remember, having to live in abandoned buildings and sometimes just on the street. What happens when one member of their little family turns up dead, supposedly killed by someone there?

This is a small group roleplay, meaning there will only be about three or four spots available. Because of this, by sending in a character you are applying to be in the roleplay, not reserving. Whether you get in or not will depend on how detailed or functional your character is for the roleplay and how often you can be on. Here is important information you should read to make a more accurate character for the plot.
I will be randomly choosing who will be the guilty murderer using a random choosing wheel.

Application Form Link: Closed!
Faceclaims/Info: Click here!
Main Thread: Coming soon.

People who may be interested:

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So would love to!! I’ll send in my character shortly


Hohoho boy I would love to join, can I send in a character within 4 days?


Of course!


Thank you!






Thank you for applying!


Aaaaand submitted early! Let me know if you need any more information or if something didn’t make sense, I tried my best with the available information :sweat_smile:


I forgot to put his personality in the sheet for Lucas’s information at first, so I’m glad you asked about it! It’s now there if you’d like to check it out.


Is it okay that I put height in centimeters? I don’t know feet system.:confounded:


Thank you!


Yes, it is. I could always calculate them all to centimetres or feet/inches when I’m putting together the information.


Okay good :+1:


He’s been submitted!! Tell me if you want me to expand on anything about him, 'kay? Thank you for tagging me!!


That moment when you realize your to late…
(Can somebody put a to late picture or something my phone internet is messing up. Can’t wait until I paid that phone bill tomorrow)


Yeah gimme a sec (and you can still enter in a character, don’t worry!)





I sent my character in! Let me know if there is anything I need to change.