Swear Words in Stories

Do I need to censor swear words if I decide to add them to my story? Are swear words even allowed?
Also, am I allowed to have a swear word in my title (for my story)? Specifically the word “bitch”. Do I have to censor the title? Like “b*tch”, or “b!tch”?

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Nah I don’t, I put a warning at the beginning of each episode.

What about in the title?

in the title seems a little bit unecessary, many stories feature cursing.

i think a little background warning of mature language at the beginning of each Episode should be enough.

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But is it allowed in the title though?

Good to know, thank you.

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Swearing is allowed, but not much of it.
I’m not sure if using swear words in the title are allowed, though.

I guess less strong words like “hell” should be fine in the title (since Haute as Hell is a featured story), but it’s probably better to avoid anything broader. I have a large cover with a speech bubble containing the word “crap” and it got approved, but I’m not sure it would have been the same case if I had used the f-bomb for example.
Short titles are usually more intriguing anyways, maybe it’s even better if you leave it out :wink:

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I think it’s a little unnecessary to use swear words in the title.

I think the reason that Episode has specifically asked people to limit their use of swears is that nine times out of ten, they’re entirely unnecessary. I do have the occasional swear in my story, but I think the art of getting the right balance is asking yourself if the characters really need to swear in that situation.

If you overuse swearing in stories, it can come across as tacky and childish (like someone who’s just got the confidence to say a bad word and so says it all the time). People go for the shock factor too much or throw f-bombs around lazily without using the nine times out of ten rule. Write your chapter and then have a look through and see which swears are superfluous. I guarantee you that you will find some. It may seem cool and mature to add swear words to your story frequently, but it’s actually the opposite if you overuse them, so be careful!


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