Swearing and Episode?


What is the policy on swearing in a story, I’m a little confused about it?

Thanks, help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


There is a 5 F*** rule. You can use F*** up to 5 times per Episode. There are other words like wh*** that are forbidden. A lot of words are judged on context.


if you are going to include ALOT of strong mature language/swearing in your story it’s recommended you put that strong language warning at the start of your story.


I read somewhere that you can’t use the f-word to refer to intercourse at all, but it’s okay if it’s been used to mean the same thing as “damn it!”


Something like that.


Then chain reaction needs to be taken down


I know It’s Just An Illusion got yanked for a while for having too many f-bombs. She had to remove some.


Thanks, I don’t suppose you know if there’s a list anywhere of the words I can’t use? :slight_smile:


I don’t know of a specific list. I just know of the 5 f-s and wh***


Okay, thanks anyway.


Don’t swear in every other line, don’t use the f-bomb in a sexual context, and don’t use slurs. Aside from that, swearing’s alright.


I believe she has already had to change that? It’s actually that author that I learnt the 5 “f-word” rule from as one of her stories got suspended I believe.