Swimming in Spotlight

Hey there. I’m trying to write a scene in Limelight Spotlight. The character in question is attacked by a monster and dragged underwater. I’d like to use callout_drowning_panic because, well, they’re getting attacked by a monster underwater. But unfortunately, in Spotlight, these animations appear below the box, so nothing shows up as that animation lowers the player model.

Is there any way to position the character model above the box to show the drowning while keeping the box itself in the same place? I’d rather not use regular animations since it’ll look weird.

Unfortunately no, since those animations (the swim ones) automatically spot your characters lower :confused:


Ugh, that’s what I feared. Would spot placements not work either?

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No, that will spot your bubble but there’s no way to spot your characters within the bubble. One of the limits with spotlight :pensive:

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Fair enough. Guess I’ll have to make do.

Good luck

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Did you set your story up as spotlight or cinematic? (And are then using set format spotlight)
Something I did was create my own spotlight bubble as an overlay, switch the story back to cinematic, and then spot place my characters within the fake bubble lol. It’s not quite the same, but to me it was better than randomly having cinematic in the middle of the story with no bubble :rofl:

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I did set it up as Spotlight, unfortunately. But that’s a really good idea! I might do that in the future. Do you still have that overlay?

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