Switch Styles Mid-Story

Is it possible to change styles midstory?

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I don’t think so. :thinking:

From Limelight to INK?
Or from cinematic to spotlight?

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Styles? Like Ink and Limelight?

Ink to LL, I think a saw it a story where there was a classic character in a LL story?

I’ve seen that too, but I’m not sure if it’s possible any longer. I think they did away with the feature in the portal that lets you switch the styles of individual characters.

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I believe there are youtube videos on how to do this but I believe newer accounts can’t?
But yes- it’s possible to have all three styles in one story. I’m not entirely sure how to do this. @JannahJackson might be able to help you as she has a story with all three styles in one :slight_smile:

Yes yes you can. However, I saw some people cannot have this feature anymore despite watching videos on how to do it. It is said Episode has fixed the glitch thus people canot use this trick anymore.

But I still recommend you to try if you can do it or not… to see if you are affected by it or not…who know maybe u are not and you can get the all 3 styles so go ahead and use it :slight_smile:

Well I would’nt say switching. Up to you if your plot requires the INK and LL together or come right after the other.

In 1 story is possible to do everything inside…

INK to LL to Classic and vice versa.

Cinematic to spotlight and vice versa

And all the rest of the other formats. It is possible and can be done.