Switching a Background to An Overlay!


Does anybody know how to convert a background to an overlay? I’m trying to do the fading out characters coding, and I don’t know how to convert the background I want to use to an overlay. Is there anybody that is able to do this?


Download the background image as a jpeg file to your computer/device. Then you can use a convert website like this one to convert the image from a jpeg to a png. You can then download the png to the overlay catalog.

If the png is too big, use a file reducer like this one.


Yeah I can do it for you!


Okay! Great! Here’s the background:


Okay thank you. I’ll use these websites for future purposes, but how do I know what size to make the overlay if it’s too big?


For Briana:


The website will just make the file size smaller. It won’t change the dimensions of the image.


Okay thanks.