Switching characters in different zones back and forth (really fast)

Hey! so recently I was reading this one story it was “Shielded heart” but there is this scene (or scenes) in it where the camera switches from one character to another back and forth very quickly. I think they used @cut & @pauseforabeat but I’m not exactly sure because the pauses are very short and whenever I try to do it, it will just stay in the last @cut to zone. I’ve also tried pans but I put them in 0 seconds and the same thing happens (like I thought it would because if it’s in 0 there is no time for it to go anywhere.)

ps. this type of scene is usually done in an awkward moment and it’s paired with the end of flirt_fingersnap.

Anyways if any of you could help me I would be very appreciative!!

idk if this makes sense lmao :flushed:


Are the characters in the same zone? And you just want the camera to go between the two rlly fast? :))

Currently, I have them in separate zones but I could move them to the same if that is easier & Yeah but I don’t want the panning look I just want it to cut to them (if that makes sense lol I’m terrible at explaining :flushed: )

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Oh do you mean like zooming? For example like
@zoom on (blah blah) in 0.3
The 0.3 means 0.3 of a second :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

you can do them in different zones if you want! could you explain your situation a bit more so i could probably help you out?

Okay so for my scene its after someone makes fun of their brother but their brother just so happens to be behind them and the person doesn’t know. It goes like:

@/cut to zone 2
@/CLYDE spot 0.884 91 188 in zone 2 AND CLYDE faces left AND CASSIUS spot 0.884 136 209 in zone 1 AND CASSIUS faces right
@/cut to zone 1
@/JARED walks to spot 0.911 56 200 in zone 1 AND JARED faces right

Cassius (talk_flirt_charming)
Jared’s kind of a wimp like that

@/Clyde is idle_baby_worried_loop AND @/JARED is idle_angry_arms_crossed

This is where i want the camera to cut to a zoomed in Clyde (to capture his expression but not his other body parts’ movements) then the camera cuts to zoomed in Cassius and then it cuts from him to Clyde and back and forth like that a couple of times. But they’re in different zones because there’s 3 other people in this scene besides them and I thought it was a little crowded with 5 people in the same zone aha.

then after that part it’s like:
(still zoomed)

CASSIUS (idle_happy_loop)
He’s right behind me isn’t he
@/cut to zone 2
@/CLYDE is listen_nod_neutral_loop
@/cut to zone 1

CASSIUS (idle_happy_loop)

And yeah but idk how to achieve the multiple fast camera cuts from one guy to another, I tried what @EternalFlame suggested but I didn’t like how it took awhile between the guys, I want the cuts to each of the guys’ faces to be instantaneous (if that makes sense.) Ps. thank you both for helping! i really honestly appreciate it!! :pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left:

@zoom on CHARACTER to 400% in 0 for the zooms
I’m confused like does the zoom reset when it changes zones?

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It doesn’t reset, but the zooms aren’t equivalent in each zone.
For example:

Starting in zone 1, @zoom on 40 40 to 200% will NOT simply zoom to the equivalent area if you cut to zone 2.
The zone 2 equivalent is @zoom on 680 40 to 200%.
You must add 640 to the x coordinate, which is the width of a single zone.



&cut to zone 2
&zoom on CHARACTER 2 to ##% in 0
&CHARACTER 2 is [animation]
@pause for 1

&cut to zone 1
&zoom on CHARACTER 1 to ##% in 0
&CHARACTER 1 is [animation]
@pause for 1

…And repeat. Adjust pauses for however long your need.

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Thank you so much that was it!! <3

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