Switching Playable back to Editable

I need help! I accidently put my unfinished book on playable now its not leting me edit nor place it back on editable. I want to finish it and i was doing ao good on writing. I dont want to have to write it again. I had did 4 chapters in 2 days and had all these ideas now i have to.do it all over again. It was hard work in the first place and now im upset someone please help me

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Why don’t you write it on computer?

Its more easier for me on my tablet or phone then my computer.

Well, once you edit script and save it on computer, it’s impossible. Once you learn it, it’s waaaaaaaaaay better on comport so I suggest deal with it and write on computer.

Maybe this will help you :slight_smile:

I just need help putting my unfinished story of of playable back to editable

You can’t. Have a look at my guide :blush: it will help you to still write on the mobile.