Switching To iOS

So in probably 2 weeks I will buy my first iPhone and while I am actually a bit excited for it, one thing worries me.
That is the fact that I will have to start more than 100+ stories from the beginning.
It will take me actual months to get to my old progress.
I had contacted Episode months ago asking them if the data transfer is possible and they said no but that they could credit me with some passes when I got my device.
Has anyone contacted them for the same reasn? Is there any way I can do anything to gain my progress quickly?

I did contact them some years ago. It was the same thing but I transfer my episode account from iOS to Android and it was possible. The reason for my transfer was that my cell phone was stolen. Anyway, all my process was transferred too, the thing is that I have only one story hahaha
I don’t know if having one story has something to do but definitely, it is or it was in those times

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no i never did but you can buy gems so that you can gain quickly your progress or you can read some of the stories so that you can earn enough gems ,and spend it on the thing that is called skip the stories or Something like that

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Really? They had said that the transfer wasn’t possible. This is why I can’t gain it back!

I know but I would have to buy hundreds of passes to get to the same progress that I am now since I have started more than 100+ stories that some of them have over 30 chapters.
One story has over 60+ chapters.

Oh, no, no I’m sorry
I misread what you wrote. I thought you have written over 100 stories, that’s why I said about my only story.
Yes, my reading progress wasn’t transferred and it got me sad but hey, look at the bright side you can start with those stories you find more interesting (even though all are) It’s a long process but in that way you can revive the story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I guess! I get a bit “bored” quickly that’s why I feel a bit saddened. Also, having started so many stories together makes it harder because in those two weeks before I get the phone, I can’t read anything and everyone keeps updating!
Thank you though!

I was on Android for years, then a couple months ago I got my first iPhone… It sucks that you can’t transfer your old account, so I had to make a whole new one and read stories until I unlocked the whole thing. I never contacted Episode for some reason either, so I didn’t get anything from them. :joy::pensive:

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It sucks:(

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Yeah :tired_face:

Me too I just got my iPhone but I’ve been used my account on episode for 2 years and when I’m try to log in it’s impossible I’m so dab about that​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Me too:(

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I know, right? It sucks

yep the same thing…if you are writer thay can asigne your account from android to iOs so you still can preview your stories, but the progress in your reading will be gone.

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That is actually decent for authors, sadly I am not one.