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I just finished Sword Art Online War of Underworld part 2 (I dunno if I got the terminology wrong— let’s just leave it at “I finished the whole anime” lol).
None of my friends have watched it, but I REALLLYYY need to talk about it!!

If you’ve seen it, drop your thoughts! I’d love to talk about it!! My mind is sort of a blank right now regarding what I want to talk about in particular about SAO, because I started another anime (Kakegurui, in case anyone’s interested) and it’s all jumbled up haha :joy::see_no_evil:


spoiler, I guess?

I kinda hated the ending 🥲
When I finished it (right when it was aired lol) I searched for news about the next season but it looks like it will follow other characters - or at least that’s what I remember
On a brighter note, I really liked the last season compared to what came before. There was certain parts that almost made me drop the anime (as some of my friends actually did) and I’m still debating if I’ll continue it if they publish new things

I’ve seen Kakegurui too and that anime is just weird af :joy:


Agree agree agree (mainly on the second part :joy:)


Are you talking about AFTER the whole alicization part? I remember it being mentioned that “Kirito will return”. Also, Asuna, Sinon, Alice and rest of the gang.
I agree though, the ending was weird AF. Like we never found out what actually happened to Underworld, or what Asuna and Kirito got up to for those 200 years.

Omg I totally agree haha. I keep rooting for Yumeko and Ryota or at least SOME romance, but the anime is just too eccentric for it. I’m in between the 2nd season rn, and I’m so disappointed that Ryota doesn’t get nearly enough screen time 🥲

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yes but they kinda confirmed the adaptation of another series in the SAO world, not with the same characters (from what I understood)

plot holes are huge in this anime 🥲

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Okay, yes!! Here are some points we can talk about!!

Your favourite arc/season of SAO?
Mine would be probably everything before alicization happened tbh :joy: I really loved ALO and the Phantom Bullet, Death Gun (what was the tournament called? Battle of Bullets?)
Loved that.

Who do you think Kirito should be with?
Asuna. Periodt. Hands down. This is the only acceptable answer.
I’m kinda sad that Alicization didn’t really have many moment w Kirito and Asuna, but I do understand that it wasn’t the main focus.
But they robbed us of whatever happened in those 200 years :sob:

Favourite and least favourite character(s)?
Favourite would be… Sinon, Asuna and Bercouli I guess.
Least favourite. Quinella (administrator) she’s just… ew.

Do you agree with the popular opinion going around that Kirito is overpowered?
Ehh… tbh I have no opinion on this. I will agree that he’s EXTREMELY skilled tho.

Thoughts on Mr Kikouka? (The guy from Rath who puts Kirito in the Ocean Turtle, fluctlight, underworld, alicization sh-t)
He’s kinda annoying tbh. So you’ll just kidnap some random kid and put him in a virtual world??

Oh, and he freaking faked his death—

Don’t read unless you’re caught up with season 4

Bercouli died :sob::sob::sob: Yes, THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO TALK ABOUT THE MOST

He and Fanatio were a thing?!?! I mean, I ship it, sure!!!
But now she’s pregnant with his kid? Whoa. We never got any hints that they were together prior to the reveal at all :joy::joy:

But what bothered me was that…
His soul goes “into the afterlife” with the administrator. That evil woman, really??? Are you kidding me!!!
Does that mean he loved Administrator? Gah.

Oh I see, I’ll look it up. Lol I just finished it like 3 days ago :joy:

I hate it :weary:

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