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SWY: Bound to you
Genre: Fantasy
Description - A common enemy threatens those you’ve promised to protect but what happens when you’re forced to work with your sworn enemy? Will sparks fly, or will love win the war?

IG - @connie.episodes

Style - Limelight
Genre - Fantasy
CC - Yes, for MC and LI
Love interests - 1
Gender of LI - 1 male
Points systems used
Mini games
Suitable for tablets

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hey, I’m interested in a read for read. The link is in the top of the thread.

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Thank you for this thread!

Me and my co-writer’s entry for the SWY contest

Allow me to introduce…

Title: SWY: Brighter Times
Authors: Kacey & Allie
Genre: Drama
Description: Liliana Fernandez thought she had her future planned out. But when an uncle she never knew she had takes her in for the summer, will the future be as set in stone as she thought?

Hope you guys enjoy!
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Thank you so much for this!
Here’s my entry :see_no_evil:

You want him, he wants her.
The perfect solution for you two? Playing Cupid together.
But what if the one to really aim for has been right under your noses?

Instagram: day.heaven

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SWY: Duo’ed Up
– A romantic comedy.
Being the best solo player of the game gained you a spot on the tournament. With your eyes on the prize, becoming a duo might be the hardest game you have ever played.

– Full CC, name change, point system, multiple endings, and mini games.

Are you ready to duo it up?

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