SWY Writer's Contest Story Package

Winner: @Nyks

Hey Everyone! As many of you are aware, there is a new writer’s contest that has been announced. My group (@/episodeparadise on Instagram) have began hosting story packages for each writer’s contest starting from the last one; Double Life.

I’ve never heard about this before, what is a Story Package?
Whenever there is a new writer’s contest, I will be making a new post titling “Contest Name Writer’s Contest Story Package.” Each post will include a full package of everything an episode author needs for their story. Each time I post, the prizes included in the package can be a bit different, changing the large cover from an edited cover to an art cover, the amount of characters allowed in the covers, the amount of character cards you can win, the episodes our members will read in your story, etc.
All Story Packages Are Completely Free!

What can also vary is the amount of people who will get picked to get the prizes, along with ways to enter to get the package will be different every time.

Below will be all the information for this Writer’s Contest Story Package:


If You Do Have Instagram, Follow The Group @/episodeparadise

If You Get Chosen, I Will Privately Message You on the Forums and You Must Respond in 48hrs (If You Don’t Respond On Time, Another Winner Will Be Picked)

If You Do Get Chosen and Agree With The Prizes That You’d Like, You Must Use The Covers and Everything That My Team Creates For You

This Writer’s Contest Story Package Can ONLY Be Used For Your SWY Story Entry, It Can Not Be Used For Any Of Your Other Stories

Once The Deadline Hits, I Will Not Be Considering Any New Entries

Included in Package (Prizes)
  • Small Art Cover (Two Characters Max)
  • Large Edited Cover (Two Characters Max)
  • 2 Edited Splashes (Two Character Max For Each); Two Splashes Total
  • 1 Art Scene (Two Characters Max), 1 Art Scene (One Character Max); Two Art Scenes Total
  • 2 Character Cards (It Can Be Any Of The Characters Within The Story)
  • Story Review (3 Episodes)
  • 24hr Story Shoutout (On Our Instagram Stories)
  • Extra 24hr Story Shoutout (On Our Instagram Stories If Your Story Wins The Writer’s Contest!)
  • 2 Custom Backgrounds + 1 Custom Overlay

A small cover is the main cover of the story, while a large cover is the image you see when you can also see the description of the story. The large cover appears when you tap on the small/main cover.

Small Cover: vertically long
Large Cover: horizontally long

How to Enter

There Are Three Ways You Can Enter. You Only Need to Choose One of the Following:

  • From Your Two Characters, Choose Which One You’re Most Similar To, Explain Your Reasoning, Briefly Summarize How They End Up Being Stuck Together Then Think and Share How You’d Feel If You Were This Character (That You Are More Similar To) in the Situation.

  • Listen Or Read The Lyrics to the Song ‘Stuck with U’ by Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber. Select A Line or Phrase From The Song That Can Relate To Your Characters and Describe Why It Reminds You of Your Story. (This Option Is Open to Flexibility, You Can Go On About Why You Like The Song or Continue to Deeply Analyze The Differences & Similarities with the Story to the Song.)
    Lyric Video: Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Lyric Video) - YouTube
    Lyrics: Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – Stuck with U Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

  • Make a 10-Question Quiz On Buddy Meter (BuddyMeter -How Well Do Your Friends Know You?) By Choosing One of Your Main Characters & Pretending As If They Made the Quiz. After Creating the Quiz, Copy the Link To This Post’s Reply and From 1-10 (10 Being The Best), Guess What Your Other Main Character’s Score Will Be If They Were To Take The Quiz. (You’re Chances To Being Chosen Will Be Higher If You Make Good/Funny/Complex Questions and Give A Reasoning to the Other MC’s Score - Their Score Can Be From Any Point of the Story, When The Two Begin to be Stuck Together or When Your Story Ends.)

To Enter This Contest, You Must Comment Your Entry on this Post. Putting Your Best Effort in Your Entry is Highly Recommended As Our Selected Members Are Looking For Creativity When Choosing the Winners.

Additional Information
  • You Are Not Required to Add The Story Title, But You Can If You’d Like To. Do NOT Include The Description.
  • Your Story Can Be Limelight or Ink Style, We Are Accepting Both.
  • For Any Further Questions, Feel Free To PM or Comment It On This Post.

# of Winners: 1
New Deadline to Join Our Story Package: August 27th, 2021
Link to Writer’s Contest Information: Announcing the Stuck With You Writer's Contest!
Deadline to Enter the Writer’s Contest: October 7th, 2021

Good Luck On Your Entries. Can’t Wait to See Your Entries!
Again, The Winner Will Be Determined Based On Your Entry and the Dedication You’ve Put In. (Each Story Package Winner Will Be Looked Through And Chosen By Multiple Members From My Group!)


i would enter but i dont think i have a chance
I might enter tho

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@EpisodeParadise If I am Co-writing the story with a friend does she have to comment and join too or can it just be 1 of us.

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It can just be one of you!

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It’s up to you, but everyone has a chance💕

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Thanks for the information :blush:

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I’m entering this contest with my story SWY : ATTENTION! Which is still a work in progress but 2 lines that fit the story from the song Stuck Witb U by Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber are ‘can’t fight this no more’ and ‘so go ahead and drive me insane’

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Story title- SWY: His Dulcet

I am currently working on my very first ever story with @/sureka.episode (on insta). It is also going to be her first ever story too. I’m going to enter this story package and my way of entering is by relating our characters to the lyrics of the song “Stuck with U” by Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber.

First of all, our story really relates to the song as a whole. Our story revolves around the MC and LI being in the music industry. The lyrics “Can’t fight this no more, It’s just you and me”. This really said something about the characters. The MC has a crush on the LI when they were in 5th grade (they were in the same school together) but the MC never said/confess anything to anyone, she knows that the LI is going to transfer schools in a year or so but still never said anything. 11 years later, the MC is a successful music producer and the LI is a singer. MC went to her recording studio and met the LI. In short, MC and LI recognize each other and they both actually liked one another back 5th grade and they both slowly started having feelings towards each other again. They have both been fighting to keep their feelings to themselves but this time, they can’t fight it no more.

In Justin’s part of the lyrics: “I’ma get to know you better, Kinda hope we’re here forever”. This part of the lyrics relates to the LI wanting to get to know the MC better outside their music career. Vise- versa, the MC wants to get to know the LI better too. They both haven’t seen each other for 11 years; will they change into a completely different person or will a part of them remain unchanged?

Last but the least, the lyric “All this lovin’ you, hatin’ you, wantin’ you, I’m stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you”. This part says that the characters love each other, hate themselves for not telling each other sooner and they both want each other. What will happen when they both are stuck together to work on a project?

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I would like to join the contest with my story SWY: SONG TO MY HEART

I think that I can relate to main character of my story that is Jennifer as she has a whole lot of control over her emotions. She kind of choose situation where she can express herself and where she cannot. Similar to Jennifer I can control my emotion or express myself when I don’t want to show it. To be honest this trait something which I want to change about myself, for that I am working on it and as for Jennifer you have to read SWY: SONG TO MY HEART to know more.
If in place of Jennifer(MC) I was in such a situation where my ex or my first love is back after 6 years to be my new business partner then it might be a bitter sweet moment for me. So, he will get my bitter feelings with some sprinkle of sweetness.

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Title | SWY : Channel EA
I’ve prepared the quiz with Kirsten (MC) and wanted Stephen to guess what would she say about those questions she answered.
Here’s the link :

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