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I got my name down Ahish
Fifty shades
All my chapter.

So, what do you need help with exactly? Do you need to come up with a story plot? :thinking:

Yes can you help story plot

That’s something I can’t help you with. Because the plot is something the author comes up with on their own. It’s your story when you come up with the plot. What makes it a story is the plot itself. But I can tell you where to get your plot from. You can get it by being inspired by a movie, tv show, or a story. You can get your plot from something that happens in real life. Like let’s say you like this movie The Hunger Games, you would use the concept of the survival game in the movie in your story with your own twist. That’s just an example to get you the idea of what I’m saying.

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Where can plot story from

But love movie

Please refer to this, it’s where you can get your plot from

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Yes I got you I like the passage tv shows. It about this little girls she was 10 year old. This guy help her. Then her mom overdose her mom was dead. And little was so

Hmm ok, good. Make sure to not completely copy off from the tv show or you get copy righted. Like when you are putting that story plot in your own twist, you could come up a different reason why her mom overdosed.

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America thriller series

No I am copy by the tv show .just had good idea about it

Can up more idea

That’s good.

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When others make your story, it isn’t your own story anymore. You can ask something about a story but not your whole plot.


Can I change my chapter name .


Of course you can

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I am not get plot

It’s fine. You weren’t doing anything wrong, you can always ask about anything right. That’s where this forum is for.

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I try to make good story some told me about the plot. I don’t understand what going wrong.