T H E V I C T U M ~ Role Play Sign Up


Hello and Welcome to T H E V I C T U M Sign Up Page. I will be playing as The Narrator and Clue Giver.
The Plot:
You live in a tiny town located in Washington. The year is 2035. You are among a group of 12 people. One of which is a Murder. But know one knows expect the Murder Him/Her Self. You and your neighbors must figure out who did it… before it happens again.

The Script:
As I walked into the doctor’s office, I could feel sweat trickle down my neck. As I opened the door my heart started beating faster, my breathes became shorter.
I saw her…
If you would like to reserve a spot, please write reserve and the position you would like. One per person sorry, since there are limited spots.

1:The Murder: Taken
2: The Victim: Taken
3: The Victims Sister/Brother:
4: The Victims Best friend: Taken
5: The Victims Lover: Taken
6: The Boy/Girl Secretly in Love with the Victim:
7: The Boy/ Girl Secretly in Love with the Victims Best Friend:Taken
8: The Murders Best friend: Taken
9: The Neighbor:
10: The Police Officer Daughter/Son:
11: The Victums Ex-Lover:
12: Narrator & Clue Giver: @Clarkiiie

If you would like to Sign Up, The Sign UPS will be in the Chat below. The Criteria is…

Name (First & Last):
Your Position (Please PM me the Role)
Age (Between 16-19)
Bio (Background on the Town):
FaceClaim (Link or Picture):
Other (Piercings - Tattoos - Etc.):
Anything Else:

1: Swearing is aloud but please blur it out.
2: No Mary Sues.
3: Reashonships are aloud… (If your doing it No Deatails)
4: Have Fun!
Sign UPS will end July 30.


Name: Missy Clark
Position: #12
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 18
Bio (Background): Missy was the news reporter all through High School. She loved the Drama, The People, and all the scoops. When She heard that one of her close friends from school was murdered, Missy made it her mission to help.
Personality: Missy is Smart, Goffy, Very Sarcastic, has a great sense of Humor. And is a Social Butterfly.
Weaknesses: Doesn’t Open Up very well - Hard to crack her shell - Doesn’t Trust People very well
Strengths: Knows People - Has a Scoop on the Murder

Extras: Has a Heat Tattoo behind her right ear - Has a nose ring.


Name (First & Last): TBA
Your Position: reserved for ____
Gender: TBA
Sexuality: TBA
Age (Between 16-19) TBA
Bio (Background on the Town): TBA
Personality: TBA
Weaknesses: TBA
Strengths: TBA
FaceClaim (Link or Picture): TBA
Other (Piercings - Tattoos - Etc.): TBA
Anything Else TBA


Fine By Me! And Thanks :grinning:




lol reserve for the victims lover


Oki Doki


Now we just need a Vitcim :joy: :joy:


I’m confused because want everyone know I’m the killer?


No… not really, so I How should I write it?


Reserve for #8


I don’t know. Instead of writing it here shouldn’t we pm you are role and than when a role is taken you black it out or put taken on it






But then people won’t know your backstory and things…


So since you know my role I’m just going to erase it


No. You only pm for the roles everything else stays!


Oh! Lol


I’m really excited and I should put this on the thread for you. Can I do it. For we can get more people?


Sure! That would be great!