T&M’s Art Request Thread (OPEN)


We’re Back! @TeahWalker and I are young-ish artists and like everyone else we have to go to school. We decided it would be best for us to collab and create our own thread! This thread will be run by @MadisonW AND @TeahWalker. Enough Of My Blabbering, lets dive on in!

Teah Does:
Outlines (Can color them in if you ask)
Character Edits
Background Edits
Madison Does:
Background Edits
Character Edits
We Use:
PicsArt the app

Please CREDIT WHOEVER DID YOUR ART if you use our work! We will start adding our TM WATERMARK if we do find out you arent crediting us! If Teah doesn’t it Credit @Art_Episode if Madison’s does your art credit @madison.epi_gold

Do not REQUEST ON MULTIPLE THREADS Im not gonna waste my time doing art work that is never going to be used!

We wont accept requests that dont put the PASSWORD because some people dont actually read rules! Password: WaterWalker

Only request if your SERIOUS, We’ve had plenty of customers that dont use my work when I worked HARD on it! So please for the our sake USE OUR WORK

Do not ADVERTISE YOUR THREADS here, I know its rare to see this but it might happen!

Respect both @TeahWalker and @MadisonW

Don’t Cause Drama. If you have something to say that isn’t related to this PM us or we will flag your post as off topic.

We have the rights to **DECLINE **your request we will decline it when you DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES





Colored Versions






Background Edits


Character Edits

Find Those On Her Instagram By CLICKING HERE







Character Edits




Background Edits


Colored Outline

CREDIT TO @IDONTKNOWREAL for the outline, I just added Tattoos and all

Cover Request Forum

Who do You Want To do it?
Style (Ink, Limelight or Classic):
What type of cover? (Real people cover/Episode Characters Based Cover):
Authors Name:
Short Summary of your story (2 -3 sentences would be perfect):
Any specific backgrounds?:
Any Specific fonts?:
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out) OPTIONAL:
Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits):
How do you want your cover to look like?
Size? (Small cover, large cover, both):
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.):

Character Edit Forums

Who Do you want to do It?:
Character details (Image or typed out):
Characters outfits (I do custom outfits):
Character poses (Image reference or describe):
Any specific backgrounds? (Describe if not):
Do you want me to add anything? (Glitter on the character, highlight etc.);
Do you want me to add text? (@madison.epi_gold etc.):
Anything else?:

Pfp Forum

Classic, Ink, or LL:
Male or Female:
Any Props:
Painted, Contored, Outfit Edit I can do All Together too:
*Effects freckles, beauty marks etc;
Whats Your Overall Idea?:

Background Edits forum

Who do you want To do it:
Do You Want Us To Edit An Episode Or Google Background Or Make You One?:
When Do You Need It?:
What Type Of Background Is It bathroom, bedroom,kitchen etc;:

Splash Request Forum

Who Do you want To do It:
What Do You Want It To Say?:
How Many Characters?:
Character Details:
Character Outfits:
Special Effects Stars, glitter etc;:

Watermarks Forum

What Do You Want It To Say?:
What’s Theme explosion,unicorn, just text:

Like everyone else we need Sleep So Here Are our Hours.

TEAH’S HOURS: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. US Pacific Time
MADISON’S SUMMER HOURS: 9:45 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. US Central Time
MADISON’S SCHOOL HOURS: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. US Central Time.

We Can’t Wait To help Ya!

Credit Our Instagrams!
Teah’s Episode Insta - @Art_Episode credit this one
Teah’s Personal Insta - @TeahWalker323
Madison’s Insta - @madison.epi_gold

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Need an urgent overlay? COME HERE ! Done in 10-20 minutes (If i'm online) - [ONLINE]
Creating A Newspaper: Art Resources
Can someone make this background into a night version?
Any have some splashes/ backgrounds?
In need for cover art! :)
Making backgrounds
I Need a Digital cover (closed)
Cover artists needed?
I need a great cover maker!
Please help me ! Can someone can make a cover for me :)
Need someone make a cover for me :>
Need art cover fast
Could someone make me a cover for my story?
Cover Art needed for new story
Giselle's ART Shop *CLOSED*
Outline help! ✨
Looking for a splash/edit!
I need a cover for my story pls
I need art for my story
Looking for a talented editor whose willing to do me an outro
Cover art for my story ^.^!
Please, I need a cover!<3<3
Can anyone make me cover art for my new story?
The links of artists who make good backgrounds/overlays?
Can somone make me a cover and a cover art for my story

Password: WaterWalker
Who do You Want To do it?: Either one is fine
Style: Ink
What type of cover?: Episode character based
Title: Quilted Heart
Authors Name: Jessy
Short Summary of your story:
Beatrix’s parents were murdered in a house robbery, and her eyes are filled with revenge.
She wants to kill him.
But she’ll have to find him first
Genre?: Drama
Any specific backgrounds?: EXT. CAIRO STREET - NIGHT
Any Specific fonts?: Bold

Character Details:

Characters outfit: Outfit she is wearing
How do you want your cover to look like?: I want the girl in the middle facing right and the title at the top. If somehow possible I would like the title to have a fire around it(or maybe an explosion.)
Size? Both small and large cover
Anything else you want me to add? A gun prop in the girl’s hand.

Thank you!


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Nelly’s in my opinion look better but if you actually look at the face you can tell that we contour differently. 2 I added the photo but used those colors but I didn’t have lines anymore so I looked at what she did and as I’m good at drawing when looking at something. So your answer is no. *Please delete your comment as it violates one of our rules. Please PM us if you have any questions

To all artists and art groups

Here Are Your Requests!

Let Me Know If You Want Me To Make You A New One

Small Cover

Large Cover


Hi! I hope this isn’t too complex, but I’d like a story cover please if you’re not too busy. :blush:
This is the main character, with the position I’d like her to appear in in the middle of the following background:



The title of the story is “Average” so if it isn’t a problem, could you use the following font:

And, since this story involves magic, could you place this “water magic symbol thingy” on MC’s right hand, the one in front of her torso?

More Images

Style: Ink
Preference: None, either one of you has great editing skills :smiley:

Thank you so so so so much! This would be really helpful, if it’s too specific or complex let me know and I’ll ask for something more simple! I’ll make sure to credit whomever creates this cover!

Once again, thank you so much!


For the water magic do you want her to hold it or for it look like a tattoo kinda?

To all artists and art groups

Here are two I can change the both if you want just let me know The font wouldn’t work sorry



Thank you! The only problem is her nose is upturned but other than that it’s perfect. If you don’t wanna change it you don’t have to.


Password: Water Walker
Classic, Ink, or LL: INK
Male or Female: Female
Contour: maybe like a little shadow
Tattoos/Peircings: nope
Any Props: nope
Painted, Contored, Outfit Edit I can do All Together too:
*Effects freckles, beauty marks etc; nope
that’s her and her outfit

Background:light pink
Animation: the one with the picture: talk_forward
Whats Your Overall Idea?: simple

Profile picture please <3 @MadisonW @teawalker


That is amazing! Thank you so much! It’s okay about the font, much better than I could do anyway. :smiley:


Hey! :grin: I need to know if your doing the profile rquest pls :hugs:


Sorry, I was doin’ a background! Gimme like10 minutes. Sorry again.


Don’t worry take your time! I just thought my request was declined lol :slight_smile:


What eyebrow shape is your Characters+skintone?


Hey you don’t have examples of your overlays
Could you maybe sent some?

PASSWORD: Water walker


I don’t have really any… maybe @TeahWalker does…


Ok thanks


thick arch or natural seductive is oki :slight_smile:


Hey but can you make me a overlay?