T&M’s Art Request Thread (OPEN)




Heyy, do you guys do overlay requests too? It’s a part from an Episode background I want to request


We can try :grin:


Alright, thanks!

Seeing as there is no format to follow, I’m gonna try my best to include as much detail. :slight_smile:

Can I have a wall overlay of this background? The left wall where the door is to be exact:

From where the dresser is to the small vertical door frame is where I want the overlay to be.

If you don’t understand I can circle what I mean.


Can you circle it please :grin:


The part in green please.

Hi can someone make me a profile picture please?

Password: WaterWalker
Classic, Ink, or LL: ink
Male or Female: Female
Contour: yes please
Tattoos/Peircings: I have a nose ring on the side
Any Props: no thank you
Painted, Contored, Outfit Edit I can do All Together too: contoured
*Effects freckles, beauty marks etc; I have some freckles on my nose nose and around my eyes
Any outfit will work I’m not super picky
Background: You can choose
Animation: primp
Whats Your Overall Idea?: something like the bottom picture of your examples.


Also can you make me a background like this? But I want it to say just Lauren Heron?


Of course but can you send what you mean? Also what are your character details?


Like that.
Details are:
High Ponytail - passion fruit
Light skin
Eleven nose
Upturned Feline Eyes - Blue
Full round mouth - Blush
Seductive round eyebrows.


Yep it should be done soon!


Thank you :slight_smile:

I need a cover for my story Lost Boy

Hi! I’m sorry, but the background isn’t by her. It’s by @NellyFromEpisode. But if she can still draw like that than sorry for bothering! :grin:


She just wanted it to say Lauren_Heron she’s a suspended user anyways


What did she do for that to happen ?


Sydney_H messaged me concerning multiple accounts which Teah was managing my account then, but one was one I made for a certain someone when I was with Episode_diamonds, so I’m guessing for a multiple account…


Oh yeah thats comfusing


I’m bored lmao


Me 2


Nvm I will just have my mom get it