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I’m just in love with that scene and Tom Holland :sweat_smile: I love your pfp for that also


That’s where the first gamers came from ^^

Anyone else still play PONG? Lol


last time I played pong was like… on a Disney junior website lol


Holy God.

I played PONG at least twice this year…>.>


Wow! That artist is brilliant,I checked out the site. Good choice!


These two polls were inspired by one of my friends who asked me these two random crush related questions today.

If you had a crush on someone (and even if you don’t let’s just pretend you do), are you the type of person who will…

  • Keep your crush on that person a secret and not tell a single person about it.
  • Open up and tell your best friend or a few of the people who you are close to.

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Will you ever tell your crush that you like them?

  • You tell them, cause you feel like there’s no point in keeping it a secret from them.
  • They. Can. Never. Know.

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Okay, this one can be a bit difficult…

What’s your blood type? :vampire:

  • 0+
  • 0-
  • A+
  • A-
  • B+
  • B-
  • AB+
  • AB-
  • Honestly, I have no idea… :thinking:

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I have a feeling this has been asked already but, do you celebrate Christmas?? :grinning:

  • Yes I do!!! :christmas_tree::grin:
  • No I don’t!
  • I don’t, I celebrate something else!!

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If you celebrate something else, tell me!!


I regret some of my friends knowing :woman_facepalming:t5: But yeah I want him to come to me though. I’m done telling guys I like them.


1, I’m really dumb when it comes to my feelings so even though I’m like keep it secret keep it safe I normally need help figuring out if I have a crush or not so I inevitably ask the people around me for their thoughts
2, I always want to just keep it inside when it turns out I do have a crush on someone but unless I don’t realize I have a crush (again I’m really dumb so I’ll look back later and be like oh
oh) and then the crush passes, I always end up telling the person I have a crush on them somehow. It just, always comes up and then I’m like oh hey haven’t you heard


I always used to tell my crush “Hey, I’ve started to like you lately.”

I’ve never been good with subtlety or sensitivity. XDXD


It has to be AB something because I’m 100% certain my Dad is AB. I never got checked myself, though I really want to. XDXD


There’s one person I can and that’s my sis or my younger brother (he’s off :sweat_smile:). But I never tell my crush and tbh I think he likes me back :exploding_head:. He’s so awesome and just :heart_eyes: but I could never tell him, I feel like I’ll make things awkward. :sweat_smile:


1st Poll: Do NOT tell anyone unless they are your best friend FOREVER. And I mean it. People can use this against you. You can tell your cousin that doesn’t go to the same school as you. (if your crush is from your school) Or a friend that you are so close that you can spend the night at their house.

2nd Poll: Tell them. Unless they have someone in their life (a crush/partner) there’s nothing holding you back. Being rejected hurts, but seeing your crush date someone else hurts more. (says the one who never talks to her crushes…)


Blood types are pretty fascinating in my opinion :smile: My mum has blood type 0- which is except AB group the rarest one. Negative blood types are unique because people are the only organisms capable of having both negative and positive blood types. Animals have only positive. And there are tons of crazy theories why do some people have negative blood types (aliens, mutations etc.) :sweat_smile:


LOL, doesn’t it have to do with the form of the blood cells? Jut kinda evolution right? Some of us got a little deformed in the past, and it didn’t seem to be a problem, so evolution was like, “Whoops…well, okay. I suppose they can continue to reproduce…”

…Because everyone knows Evolution is a person with thoughts. XDXD


Do you ever annoy your brother or sister on purpose?

  • Yes!
  • Sometimes…
  • Nope.
  • I don’t have a brother or sister.

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Lol yeah last year I followed my brother around the school to embarrass him :sweat_smile: but I just befriended all his friends




Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie?

  • Yes!
  • Maybe…
  • No, but I want to.
  • Nope.

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