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:grin: trust me u’ll get there. everyone swears eventually


Ok so I’m in the mood for cussing and making polls with cussing I’ve go issues.
Favorite cuss word?

  • Fuck you
  • Fuck this
  • Fuck off
  • Fuck
  • Bitch
  • Shit
  • Damn you
  • Damn it
  • Screw you
  • Screw it
  • Screw this

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Naw, I mean online- I actually - how do you say this professionally- profanitize my vocabulary in real life quite regularly. I’m very annoying to be around, actually. :sweat::sweat_smile:


Um… my favorite would be-


Sorry :joy:





My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

  • And they’re like it’s better then yours
  • Damn right it’s better then yours
  • I can teach you, but I’d have to charge
  • …choco…get sleep…

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Okay if my name is Leslie is “Giselle” my last name?

  • Yes that’s your last name :upside_down_face:
  • What? No… that’s definitely not your last name

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I’m making a sad story for Missed connection, should I do it in INK or LL?

  • INK
  • LL

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:sweat_smile: that’s differently not my last name :woman_facepalming: my name is Leslie Giselle both go together. Giselle is not my last name :grin:


I put my hands up they’re playing my song…

  • And the butterflies fly away!
  • Moving my hands like yeah!
  • Moving my hips like yeah!
  • There’s a party in the USA!
  • …what’s with the songs? :joy:

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I want to change my username name on forums again

Which one should I change it to?

  • @leslie.creates
  • @leslie.episode04
  • @lesgiselle04
  • @leslie.giselle04 follow me on Instagram :sweat_smile:
  • Other and to what?

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My old username was @leslie1230 btw :sweat_smile:


Do you feel it’s better to choose the MC’s name?

  • Yes, I need to be the one creating the names!
  • No, the less work the better.
  • It doesn’t really matter to me.

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If there is customization in a story, would you rather have…

  • A full range of CC options, but non-matching art scenes or edits.
  • Limited or No CC options, but similar or matching art scene and edits.

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What is your preferred length of episodes?

  • Long stories that drag on and on ( > 100 episodes)
  • Really short stories (3 - 5 episodes)
  • Somewhat medium length stories (30 - 50 episodes)
  • Stories that don’t pass the teens ( < or = to 20 episodes)
  • Stories in the twenties (20 - 30 episodes)
  • Stories that pass the medium length (50 - 100 episodes)

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Should I share my newest INK character with y’all?

  • Post that binch
  • Nah

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Okay, so I’m trying to create a character for My story. How does he looks(he’s suppose to be the love interest)

  • He looks hot!
  • Um… I guess he’s okay?
  • No. Too ugly.

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Are you in da Cray Cray Club?

  • YES!!!
  • Nope…

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Alright, well since the majority of y’all said yes, here she is:

Her name is Xiadani; she’s indigenous, if you’re wondering.


Who’s right in Civil War?

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man

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I think Iron Man is right. He and Captain America both had a contradiction on whether people with super powers should register with the government or not. Iron Man stood for the decision that they should register. You all saw in that movie – Scarlet Witch’s powers did horrendous damage to the building and people in the Sokovia fight. And which lead to that elevator scene – where the grieving mother blamed Tony and the Avengers for the death of her son. Oh, and don’t forget the damage that Hulk and Thor did during the previous Avengers movies…

Yes, they use their powers and save the world…but at what cost? At the cost of others’ lives and property? The other people did nothing wrong. They were innocent.

There should be some mechanism for the insurance of super-powered-people that they don’t do damage like that in the future. So, I guess I agree that Tony Stark AKA Iron Man was right in Captain America: Civil War.