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I felt sad, I suppose. I never thought people saw the world like that.


Now you know how I and many others feel. Right?




Did this help you?


Yes, thanks.


No problem.


Problem is I’m a supermodel today and I look like a lumpy potato tomorrow. It varies.


Don’t tell her family. You have no right to expose something she said in confidence to you. You can find outside help for her, but do not tell her family until she is ready.

This is coming from someone who told their family and regretted it. Having it come from an outside source may just make it worse.


Ok, thanks!


Oof, yeah I get it


I actually think you should tell her. Every family is different and they all go through different things, but they should know they should be able to help. Not only do you not want to feel the pain of having your best friend die and you could have save help her. You don’t want to feel responsible or feel like you could have done more instead you should do everything you can to help her. My friend lost her best friend because she killed her self and my friend didn’t even know she was thinking about killing her self until she was already gone. You could just imagine how destroyed she felt. This is pretty much the same situation if you decide to tell her family she/he could have much more help, you and her family could comfort her and be there for her you could help her get better, be more happy. The family love since he/she was born they should be able to know what’s they going through. That’s way more better, knowing you did all you could knowing that you was there for them until the end. You help them and you did what you should have…
(Sorry for my grammar errors and I hope this helps!)


That wasn’t offensive, h were just putting urself in her shoes


VDo you know who my pfp is???

  • Yurpp (make sure to tell me who :smirk:)
  • Nope :-1:
  • I think soo (comment) :no_mouth:

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Pressed the wrong one; I meant no!


I wonder if @ihicks01 would know?


Soo…this is taking a lot of courage to say. When I eat meat, I never use a knife. I don’t use knives for much things. I prefer picking up the meat with a fork and tearing it with my teeth. Is this weird?

  • Yeaa lol
  • No, I do that!

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Do you act like your zodiac sign?

  • Yes
  • No

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I mean, it depends on your view of your zodiac signs and if you have your own version of the personality that you see fits the zodiac or if you automatically think of the stereotype of the zodiac sign. I personally feel like I don’t act like the stereotype Leo where the person acts all confident and such.


I act nothing like a Scorpio. Then again…what does a scorpio even act like?


For Riverdale fans:
Who is cuter?

  • Archie
  • Jughead

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I feel like I’m the only one who loves Archie way more while everyone is obsessing over Jughead… :grimacing:

Edit: The people have spoken! Poor Archie :disappointed_relieved: