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Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t.


Not to mention Jughead is just like dhdksnsslshxkx I lobe him and Betty’s relationship as well :heart_eyes: they’re goals I love that whole show


Kriss Kross!


:grin::grinning::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue::wink:YAsss I’m totally krossed out


Kriss kross


Self harm is a cry for help. Know it myself. Tell. But be there for her


can’t get over how fake archie’s hair looks lol


All right, but hear me out, I have 2 extremely important polls.

Which one defines you?

  • Pessimistic.
  • Optimist.
  • Realistic.
  • idk man

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Now the most important one… Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face?

  • Ahfjwkkwkdfnwks yes yeS YES.
  • Nope.
  • Well, I know the song…

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I am scared.


I’m between a realist and a optimist


Yes, I am totally a Leo, but to a lesser degree. I’m not an egomaniac. :joy:


I’m both an optimist and a realist.

By the way, I couldn’t resist posting this picture.


optimist: the glass is half full
pessimist: the glass is half empty
realist: it’s just half a fucking glass


I have this problem… like now lol

You lie comfortably in your bed, ready to fall asleep any minute when suddenly… you have to pee. What is your reaction?

  • You want my precious bladder to break? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Toilet, here I come!
  • If I don’t pee, I won’t be able to sleep. Dang it! But I’m too lazy to pee. 1 hour later… still in bed
  • Hah, no problem fam! I’ll fall asleep eventually anyway. Good night n’ don’t let the bladder bite!

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For my school magazine. What should I do?

  • Write my poems and submit them
  • Work as an editor

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Let’s do a Kim Possible poll

  • Call me
  • Beep me
  • If ya wanna reach me
  • When ya wanna
  • Page me
  • It’s okay

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I haven’t peed yet.



or maybe… do both? :smirk:

u can share your poems

and edit a lot of memes!


i’m just blabbing shit rn lol g’night ya’ll make lots of polls

  • Riverdale
  • Stranger things

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Someone says something rude to you. Do you:

  • Roast that biatch back
  • Be classy and passive aggressive
  • Be nice to avoid conflict

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