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Well Force of the Necro sounds kind of like… y’know


CWhen you first downloaded episode did you read a episode story or an authors story?

  • Episode
  • Author

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Would anyone like to be adopted by me?

  • Nah, girl. I already have a fam!
  • I am already your daughter, mom.
  • Sure! Why not?
  • I’d rather not be in forum families! Nothing personal tho.

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You forgot to put the option of ‘I am already your sister, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and grandma’ :wink:


Aren’t you like my ex sister in law like five times, aunt,and like something else :rofl:


Ur already related to me somehow butbi can be my cousin and daughter or however ur related to me and daughter :laughing:


Great! Thank you! :heart_eyes::kissing_heart: Sure, why not just kill the family tree with complications? :joy:

That’s reserved for special people. I didn’t want anyone else to know. :wink:

I am a lot of things to you. Let’s not try to figure out and give ourselves headache. :joy:


I see :wink:


Yep. :heart_eyes:


Ooof I love bts loll


Where is the

Bitch don’t make this more complicated for me option? :cry::shushing_face::shushing_face:



Sadly, it’s not there. :joy::joy::joy: I don’t believe in things that aren’t complicated. :joy:


Sadlyyyyyy :shushing_face:




Same! That’s exactly what I was thinking!


Which song/dance did you enjoy most?

  • Watch Me (whip)
  • Hit The Quan
  • Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me Challenge
  • Juju On That Beat
  • In My Feelings (kiki do you love me)
  • Aloha Yes Yes
  • I missed one

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What do you like better:

  • Dc comics
  • Marvel

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Last poll… what superhero team do you like better?

  • X-men
  • The Avengers
  • The Justice League
  • Other

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Oh my chocolate I use to do all the dances except the last one and I accidentally punched my friend in the nose while she tried to teach me how to whip and nae nae :rofl:


Have you ever…

Looked at the price of an exspesive item and you don’t have enough money for it, but you still act like your deciding whether or not to buy it?

  • Yes… (welcome to the club)
  • No…
  • Maybe…?

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Your texting, but you see the little dots meaning they’re texting at the same time as you, so you erase your message to let them text first, but then they do the same thing…

  • I can relate! I’ve been there.
  • Nope… I can’t relate.

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Still don’t know what he was gonna say ridvsksvsjd :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Yessss i’m making another poll. This is what I do in my freetime lol.

Have you ever…

Peeled off the starburst wrapper, (or any candy) and a little bit of the paper stuck on the starburst but ate it anyway?

  • Yesssssssssssssssss
  • Nooooooooooooooo

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Overhear strangers and give your opinion/answer mentally?

  • Mhm been there done that
  • No. Who does that?

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Stalk a person a insta/facebook/twitter anything… and accidently like a post/pic from a year or more ago…

  • Mhm and I unliked it immediately.
  • Nope, I don’t stalk
  • Yes, but I didn’t really care.
  • Yes and I avoided that person for about a week
  • Nope I stalk, but my thumbs aren’t that big!

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