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Oh you. I love it when I find these ^^ your little secret notes of devout love towards me ^^



No acne, but I have a huge bruise and cuts on my face from faceplanting and passing out earlier today hehehehe


Help me decide what to do

  • Clean
  • Game
  • Write
  • Sleep
  • Video edit
  • Draw
  • Read
  • More than 1, tell me the order below
  • Something else, also tell me below

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Option nr 1: Procrastinate


Nooooo, I been doing that lol


Fav Youtubers

  • Shane Dawson
  • James Charles
  • SssniperWolf
  • Azzyland
  • Nate Garner
  • Pewdiepie
  • Liza Koshy

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Patricia Dickson, Blair White, Sinatra_Says, (used to be James Allsup but hes losing me lately) The Amazing Lucas, uhm… That’s about it I think. Bearing and SugarTits


I guess sleeping it is lol. I already cleaned though, so yaaaaay


Now you’re supposed to give me that face of disapproval and think why’d you think I made this poll to begin with, dumbass?

And then, I - queen of procrastination - will guide you to the right path. Hold my beer.



Soz for late reply, drifted off for a bit.


oof didn’t understand the question and said no
i always do it


What’s the worst part about a cold? :sneezing_face: (I have a cold right now btw :crazy_face:)

  • Stuffy nose (not being able to breathe)
  • Sore throat
  • Goop in your lungs/throat
  • Dizziness/disorientation
  • Waking up (realizing that you are not in the pain-free sleep anymore)
  • Going to sleep (Realizing that the cold will probably get worse the next day)
  • Just wanting to be healthy again…

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What’s the best part about having a cold?

  • Wtf? Nothing
  • Having people take care of you
  • Getting to stay home and in bed
  • Getting an excuse to stay in your pajamas
  • Seeing the people that avoided you when you were sick suddenly get sick when your cold is over :crazy_face:
  • Sleeping all day

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Let’s all discuss our hate of getting sick


I just hate germs and getting sick honestly like I’m disgusted with myself at that point :joy:


lol, yep… I see other people just disgusted with me and I’m like: I’m feeling 10x worse, thanks guys…

Especially in the mornings.

Mornings silently kill me


Right :rofl: I also tend to get in trouble when I’m sick as well everytime then have to do some kinda work around the house



Honestly, the cold I’m having right now isn’t that TERRIBLE, but it has left me really weak, and I’m much more dizzy/disoriented than I would usually be if I had a cold.


Oof yeah those are the worse ones honestly


I think my body is just fighting for me not to experience any of the symptoms… (I have a stuffy nose- but it isn’t overly stuff yet)
which causes me to slowly loose my energy… :crazy_face:


Oof awwwwwww I hope you feel better soon

idk if it’s just my head but my nose is feeling stuffy just thinking about it ahvdzksbsjwh :rofl:


I’ve became a professional over time, I don’t use mobile devices but if I have to, I create a brand new account for stalking. :eyes:


writes notes