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Nahhhhh I kid I have no idea are you Doctor material???


I drop everything in my hands

maybe I’ll drop a patient one day


Don’t handle the babies then…but I’m great with babies :smirk:


I changed my vote after seeing this XD


Haha no


But the thing is why would I be carrying a patient?


You know I am and you could be holding a baby…or knife…or something doctory


Yeah hold the medicine for me and we’ll be fine


Right then great doctor…and it might not help in surgery either


Have y’all heard about my…unique bakery :smirk:

  • No?
  • Oh my goodness…that bakery?!
  • Mmmm screaming cookies!

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Hey! I’m wanting to write a story but can’t decide on the topic, would you guys mind telling me which one you guys would read? Thx!

  1. The Hidden Letters

-You (Maddie) wakeup in the middle of the forest with no recall of your memory and go home with the woman who ‘claims’ to be your wife, and out of no where you start finding letters around the house in which you share with your ‘wife’. That start exposing secrets about ‘wife’. What will you do when you find out who she truly is and who you really are?

Story Theme: Horror/Thriller/Adventure

Choices: Some Matter

  1. The Silent Era

-It’s 2018 and you are a scientist working on your newest invention, A Teleporter, ready to change the future of transportation you test it and it works! You enter the teleporter yourself, but you do not get the result you first expected. You teleport to the middle in a city in 4058 and no one talks. No one speaks any noise of any language. It is completely silent with thousands of people in the city at a time but not one of them speaks or realizes you are speaking until the guards do. How will you get home without being able to talk to anyone? Find out.

Story Theme: Mystery/Adventure/Thriller/Fantasy

Choices: Some Matter

  1. Highschool Homeschool

-You are in your 3rd year of high school but have NEVER BEEN TO SCHOOL! Your homeschooled and decide to go to school for the first time but are joining in the middle of the year. How will it play out? Will you be judged for you past? Make great friends? Or even greater enemies? Find out.

Story Theme: Romance/Comedy/Adventure

Choices: Some Matter

  1. Living A Fairytale

-You are living in the 9010s in a world were fairytales live in real life, and you must try to stay alive while also being one of the only humans left on earth. Will you survive? Will you find the only other humans left? Find out.

Story Theme: Romance/Adventure/Fantasy

Choices: All matter

    1. The Hidden Letters
    1. The Silent Era
    1. Highschool Homeschooled
    1. Living A Fairytale

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  • sad
  • happy
  • angry
  • wtf even is this poll

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Should I make choices matter?

  • I prefer choices to matter
  • I don’t care if they matter or not
  • I’d like some to matter
  • I don’t like any choices to matter

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Can you swim?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Alfredo sauce
  • Red sauce
  • Pesto sauce

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Do you trust me?

  • I trust you
  • I wouldn’t go near you with a ten foot pole hell no
  • Who are you…?

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  • food :relaxed:
  • food :blush:
  • FOOD!

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What’s the first thing you do after waking up in the morning?

  • Die instantly
  • Drink something
  • Go back to sleep
  • Look for your phone in your bed because you fell asleep while still playing on it
  • Realize in annoyance that you drooled on the pillow
  • Rub the gross crust out of your eyes

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