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Another tip I have is creating an account about a hobby of them, they like basketball? Guess what my new account is about :relieved:


Wow I’m a big stalker okay trying not to be with my current guy but this’ll be helpful for the near future


Lol i share a birthday with Pewdiepie


I almost picked “staying in pajamas all day” but like…I do that anyway so HAHA


… that’s a hella’ good idea. :thinking:


My parents never let me stay home when I have a cold :joy:


Well actually it depends on the people you are talking to, my family would just brush it off or deny that I have any mental health issues. They’ve already brushed it off many times.


I haven’t told my family.


My family has probably forgotten.


I don’t want to tell them, they’ve made it clear that they think I’m an attention seeker.


That’s unfortunate. I don’t know you but they are probably wrong. When a child does something bad, the parents often assume that they are trying to get attention. Which of course makes no sense because the child knows that they will get negative attention when they do something bad. Then when the child tries to tell them why they did it, the parents go “Nope, no no no no no no no no, NO, go have a time out!” or something.


Exactly. And I have a bad relationship with my family so that makes things worse…


My relationship with my family is getting worse… and it is very embarrassing. But also I’m a teenager so I’m all moody, so everyone hates me a little more… Also I remember a few things they would rather have me forget…


I get how you feel.


I have many embarrassing memories. Hundreds. No, thousands. At least it’s stressful so I can feel sad and cry. I actually like the feeling of sadness and crying. When I cry I’m secretly smiling inside (unless other people see me in which case I am silently screaming from embarrassment). Not that I enjoy what made me sad though. If someone dies I am very unhappy about that.


I haven’t cried in a while. Even when I try to, it’s only about… Some minutes?


Most of my crying is thinking about how stupid it is that I’m crying. It still feels good though.


Crying makes me weak.


It does not. It gets rid of stress, so you don’t get overwhelmed with built up stress. But when I cry I think of how weak I must be to get stressed that easily but I have a whole life with events that slowly and subtly made me hate myself. But I’m not really abused or anything. I have a super grumpy family though.


But I don’t cry…

I just get angry.