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Passive aggressiveness is my specialty with a sprinkle of sarcasm.


Hoodies or Cardigans? :thinking:

  • Hoodies <3
  • Cardigans <3
  • BOTH!!

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Pick Your Poison

  • In My Bed
  • Bad Boy Stole My Bra
  • Bootleg Instant Princess aka Positively Princess

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I can’t choose–All three give me a headache.


Do you ever look up your homework questions online?

  • Always…
  • Sometimes.
  • Nope…

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Since I’m replying whilst this post has been on for about a few YEARS now (over exaggerated i know :upside_down_face:) you’ve probably already came to a conclusion but just consider this :

Maybe Why she is self-harming
is because of her family or someone her family knows so I advice trying to get deep into this , I mean I respect privacy and all, but try and get a rough idea of why she wants to die


I didn’t know there was a choice , like they don’t they force you to read one out of three stories by episode ?


honestly same girl :joy:


What is worst?

  • Waking up with alarm
  • Changing your warm clothes to your cold jean
  • Sitting to the cold toilet
  • Tidy up the house
  • Studying
  • Have nothing to eat
  • Being bored to get out of your bed to go to drink some water
  • Diet
  • Being too hot/cold outside
  • Your boring relative is coming to your house
  • Having to go to school/work
  • Failed to an exam

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Mhm, another poll.

How alike are we?

You see a twenty dollar bill on the floor… what do you do…

  • Take it
  • Look around for the owner
  • Look around for the owner and if you don’t find the owner take it
  • Look around for the owner and if you don’t find the owner turn it in
  • It depends on my mood.

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My Answer

It depends on my mood.

Next poll…
Your in BirdBox and someone yells look its [your favorite singer/rapper/celeb]'s name, what do you do?

  • You take off your blind fold without hesitating
  • You listen for their voice, then take off your blindfold
  • You don’t take off your blindfold and look the other way

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My answer

You listen for their voice, then take off your blindfold

There’s a homeless puppy outside in the snow. What do you do?

  • Keep walking
  • Turn and say awww and keep looking
  • Pet it and keep walking
  • Feel sorry for it and keep walking
  • Take it to the vet and then its not your problem anymore
  • Take it to the vet and then adopt it

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Take it to the vet and then adopt it

(last one)
You have to go pee in the middle of the night you…

  • Hold your bladder and go pee in the morning
  • Hold it… half an hour later you have to go so bad it can’t wait!!! And yet you still wait…
  • You right away
  • You hold it, and eventually you go

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My answer

You hold it, and eventually you go

How alike are we?

0/4- we’re complete opposites, but maybe we could still get along???
1/4- We’re not complete opposites, but we have our differences
2/4- Your just so/so, I mean not everybodies gonna have the exact same opinion as me
3/4- Man… we could be friends, I like you!
4/4- You must be my long lost bff, your zodiac is a pisces isn’t it?


I just realized that in the poll about the pet I kept calling the puppy it… I’m sorry fellow puppy lovers.


For the first question , me and my friends actually found 3 £20 notes and my first thought was that it was a set up and there was cameras but before I could tell my friends , one of them began shouting out : WHO LOST £60!?

We caused a small crowd and people started taking advantage of us (We were like 12 at the time ) then this one guy came up to my friend which totally looked like he was gonna punch her or something and literally demanded For the money , so she gave him £40 (I hid the other twenty) and in return he gave her ten .

Then me being the good Samaritan I just chased after the guy and gave him the other £20 , hoping he would give me something too but no. He just walked of with a startled expression .

Then more that I think about it these days , we should’ve just split the money up equally because tbh it probably didn’t belong to him :neutral_face:


Pick one (or more)

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Pintrest
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube
  • Skype

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Forums :joy:


2/4. Neat


Should I change my Username to Sophina.Episode (my instagram name) or should I keep my Username as "Lunar_Rose"

  • Keep It as LUNAR_ROSE!!!
  • Change it to SOPHINA.EPISODE!!!
  • Both names are awful I mean…

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Oh hmm good question I can’t remember


Do you know me?

  • Don’t revive this trend!
  • Other vote saying don’t revive this trend.

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Would you rather be…

  • A vampire
  • A fairy
  • A naughty pixie
  • A witch
  • A werewolf
  • A human with telepathy
  • A human with telekinesis
  • A human who can teleport
  • A normal human
  • A ghost

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