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Billy is a dog who lives with a human. One day some vampires attack the human on the street when Billy is getting walked. The human is yelling at Billy telling him to leave. What should Billy do?

  • Attack the vampires.
  • Try to distract the vampires.
  • Bark at the vampires.
  • Run away.
  • Try to pull the human away before it dies.
  • Stand there.

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honestly I’m not gonna lie, I thought tiktok would get a lot more votes :joy:


Should I work on homework today? It’s the weekend, and not due for a couple of days, but I have a bit of it and I’m tired…

  • You should do it!
  • Nah, be lazy- do it the next day, or the next…

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Are you on Wattpad?

  • Yes!
  • No.
  • TF is that?

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  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Messenger
  • Episode
  • None of the above

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In limelight, which hair colour is more vomit worthy?

  • Yellow
  • Yellow Green

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SSSniperWolf sucks. she’s such a hypocrite and toxic


Do you like dirty minded people?

  • No.
  • Yes

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I saw this and immediately said ‘where’s be more chill, mean girls, or spongebob?!’

I’m more of a band’s visit and les mis kinda girl myself but uh


got any proof or is that just your opinion? Stop spreading hate.




this isn’t the tread to be mean and if I like SssniperWold then let me like them, a great example is that I play episode or mostly draw for it but, my friends just don’t do anything because they don’t care that I play it, I even have drawn one of my friends


I feel like I’m getting addicted to my phone.


It’s your birthday and you can choose something of the below, you can choose 3 gifts

  • New phone/ laptop/tablet
  • Free (writing/singing/drawing etc) lessons
  • Million readers in your stories
  • 100 dresses/pants/shirts wtv
  • A cute pet
  • A boyfriend/girlfriend
  • A big chocolate cake with no calories
  • 4 months of free coffee or drinks in general
  • A free trip to a foreigner country
  • Your favorite celebrities are coming to your house
  • Free make up products for a year
  • Be popular in your school
  • Something else

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My third one: being able to let my guy come over


Do you ever just add random nonsense to an essay just to make it longer?

  • Yes!
  • Sometimes…
  • Nope.

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Have you ever flagged yourself?

  • Yes…
  • Nope.
  • No, but almost…
  • Why the heck would I do that?!

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lel. I’ve flagged myself, I think it was because the thread could be merged with like one of mine, and I didn’t want to re-flag the first person bc the mods missed it.


What happens when you flag yourself? I was always curious, and was even close one time to flagging myself because of the curiosity. Lol :joy:


I think a notification to the mods?

When you get like three… maybe four… flags you receive a notification that your post has been hidden.