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…Jenna :sweat_smile:




Lol then no


Do you cringe when you read your old replies?

  • Of course
  • No

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Especially my rps :joy:


Same lmao


Same here, hahah


The people who vote “No” are actually lucky.

  • clean room
  • watch netflix and eat
  • watch youtube and eat
  • stretch and/or exercise

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  • Golden Hair and Blue Eyes (Something Usual).
  • Blue Hair and Golden Eyes (Something Unusual, New and Spontaneous).

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  • The Chinese Princess, Mulan.
  • The Wakandian Princess, Shuri.

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Which title about love and crime catches your eye?

  • Love is a crime
  • Love makes a crime
  • Crime begins Love
  • Attracted because of Crime
  • Crime breaks a person
  • Love because of crime
  • Crime because of love

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I am making a new episode story!
Should I make it INK or LL?


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So, let’s just say my boss, said she was going to read something over and read over it during her free time. It’s been a week, and she still hasn’t gotten back to me. HELP ME DECIDE

  • PM her now
  • Wait a few more days.
  • Wait for her to get back to you

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Idk what’s with people and not getting back with important things

nervous laugh/ eye twitch

But honestly just casually pm her asking how it’s going all nonchalantly.


:sob: you make it sound so easy D:


Don’t worry you’re great with your words I’m sure you got this.


I lied, it’s actually been 8 days AHH


Yeah just casually pm


I just messaged her. Panic. Panic. Panic. Panic.

  • panic

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