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i had a feeling someone was gonna do that :neutral_face::joy:


Usually im not the type that skips Thanksgiving and goes straight to Christmas but like.

Ok so Christmas is really big in Chicago, like seriously. We’ve got a winter wonderland and we’ve got lights at the zoo and the streets are always totally decorated and it’s just so magical over here. And I’m just so excited for it


So I’ll make a poll


For Christmas

  • All I want for Christmas is you
  • Jingle Bell rock
  • Last Christmas (I gave you my heart)

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  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Mystery

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ALL OF THEM :heart: :joy:


Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)
But The Very Next Day, You Gave It Way


I have it stuck in my head now too :joy:


Huh, I see what’chu people going on about this new poll trend, so I am also gonna do one –

Do You Know Me? O_o

  • Yeah, you’re very annoying.
  • Oh! You’re @k.w.episode’s favorite niece, right?
  • Are you tryna’ paint me as a stalker?! Guuurl, it ain’t workin’ on me cuz I don’t know you!
  • Why. This. TREND?!?!?!
  • I am just bearing with you and others cuz I am waiting for King Jeremy to do his own one :wink:

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Annoying in the best way possible


Yea I’m doing one now… So do u know me??

  • DUH!!!
  • I’ve seen you before
  • I’ve talked to u a few times
  • No idk u
  • I want to get to know u more

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  • Yes
  • I’ve seen you around
  • Ew who are you
  • What?

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Do you know me? (I’m so unpopular lol)


That’s a lie


No it’s not


Yes it is


What level of Forumness do you think I am? :relaxed: :kissing_heart: :joy:

  • Measly Forum Peasant
  • Ordinary Forum Civilian
  • Well-known Forum Human
  • Making-A-Difference Forum Alien
  • Legendary Forum Legend

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Meanings of Each Level:

Measly Forum Peasant: Noob.
Ordinary Forum Civilian: Just a usual, cooperative human.
Well-known Forum Human: Actively joins in conversation and posts a lot.
Making-A-Difference Forum Alien: Helps others through anything, assists with community organisation as a member.
Legendary Forum Legend: Forums Oldie, just a good, old legend. (not me AHAHA)


Geezus, thank you! Best compliment ever today! :D