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Hello, Everyone!

My name is Jo, 24, Portugal… I’ve been to Episode and this community since 2014, but I was still a reader, but last year January 2019 i decided to write my own story called " Dangerous Love: Mafia Story" This story is about a young woman called Ariel came out from Maximum Prison in New York City, because she killed her boyfriend James, who betrayed her… Then she went to Italy, Rome to live and work with her parents and her new boss, Dominic (Leader of Blue Mafia) And Ariel doesn’t trust man, but when she met Dominic things are going to change…

Story: Dangerous Love: Mafia Story
How many chapters: 23 (Completed)
Genre: Action
Description of the story: Ariel got a bad past, she went out of the prison, and she came to live in Italy, When she met Dominic, her life is going to change…
No CC, Mini-games…

It was my first story so, i hope you guys like it…
And if you guys got instagram accounts, please don’t forget to take some screen-shots and tag me @episode.blackdevil on intagram :slight_smile:

That’s the cover from Episode:


Hi! I am also from Portugal! I am going check it out over the weekend :wink: