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I give you the next thread of my series- yet to be named, called the ‘Spoiler’ thread. This thread has rules and if you do not follow them, I will hold a funeral of your death of your forum account which I brutally killed in an RP thread, which you will not be able to attend.

I’d like to change the rules of the thread to -

  1. Spoil anything about TV Shows, Movies or / and Episode Stories.
  2. Everything must be Blurred or Hidden in a Details Tab
  3. Lowkey make the person reading your spoiler regret it

Read at your OWN RISK

evil laughing

~Thread for Threads~
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I’m planning to kill one of @Cam’s characters in an RP


You will regret reading this because now you know I am behind you and watching your every move


… I have so many questions


spoilers, it was going to be a tragic murder too

Spoily Spoilers

I stopped confessing on the Confession Threads ever since the 3rd one got closed due to the drama at the ending of that thread :sweat: . No offense, but getting anxious and worried over some petty drama on the forums is not cool…

i hope this is regretful enough :ok_woman:

EDIT: Okay, so this post got flagged too. Wow people, I am hurt. This post wasn’t meant to hurt anyone, just stating my own point of view. I sugar-coated my honest truth as best as I can…not my fault if you still get offended anyway :woman_shrugging:.
I thought this is where we put spoilers? Those things we aren’t meant to share, things that make people regret hearing in the first place? :thinking:
Please stop, think and decide carefully on who to flag. Please remember that the person who you flag is also a human being like you behind a computer, and has feelings. We also get hurt and insecure when our posts get flagged like that :sweat:


This is about the Venom so if you didn’t see don’t read at your risk, also it’s kinda a rant all in one.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed going to see it with my friend…but I was sooooooo upset at A: How freakin short it was and B: goddbskshdos it wasn’t even comic book accurate! I mean like it was good but he was wayyyyyy older then the last one and him and Spider-Man are suppose to be the same frickin age and going to the same school but enemies! I’m so gdkdbdsks because it didn’t go together! How are they going to meet when they do?! :roll_eyes:

Fangirling moment about another Spider-Man movie I saw: Okay so I saw that preview for the new Spider-Man movie and it’s like a comic and can I say he’s so chocolatey :heart_eyes: okay yea yea he’s a cartoon character but pleaseeeeeee I don’t judge! :purple_heart::heart_eyes:


If you are talking about Into The Spider-Verse, then yasss girl! Miles is one hella Dapper dude! :joy:

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Yassssssss I can’t wait to see him! I mean…the movie :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:

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it’s @amberose’s birthday


I’ve officially been tagged… I guess I should do a real spoiler then… in celebration of my birth, eh?

Ok, so, I’ve been getting a lot of fanmail off people officially announcing who they “ship” in my story, and I feel a little bad because I’m going to butcher all of their dreams in the very next episode since I had already decided it starts after a small time-skip in which MC will have gotten into a relationship with another character that hasn’t even been introduced yet. … And the readers have no choice in this :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp:


your spoiler brings me evil joy :smiling_imp:


And is it a coincidence that my rank right now is 666?


This post has been deleted


This post has been deleted


The name of the Amazon Song in the commercials is called Can You Feel It by the Jackson 5


I’ve been here for a few months but still don’t know how to blurr … ( can anyone help me ? Pweeeeeze)

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Click on the gear thing (it’s to the right of the smiley face) and then click on Blur Spoiler!


For any on my block fans!

Bruh I think they killed Ruby and I’m like :sob: because he was so amazing and for them to just kill him off after the first season is bull, and Jamal finally found that money at the end had me laughing!

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