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Miraculous Lady Bug

AHHHHHh Lila is like the only character who hates Lady Bug and Mari- I can’t wait for Episode 2 xD


Miraculous Lady Bug

On one of the episodes you had cat moir’ and well she hid in the closet and he had the change to open it and see who she was but NO HE INSTEAD RAN AWAY


So guys I was walking Deadpool 1,2 and I heard that Deadpool might enter the marvel avenger team or maybe even be the a side character in one of the marvel movies. But that wouldn’t make sense because in the movies, you have Deadpool and his girl sleeping than you have as they said guts and glory everywhere. You had him get cancer and boy his face… Anyway theirs noway that Deadpool can be a pg movie, and I don’t even care about the fact that they making a Once Upon Of Time Deadpool pg, and unless it’s perfect (and nothing perfect) than it won’t be a good movie. And In Two Deadpool went to the past and I believe killed Hitler whelp can you imagine the next movie the times will be so werid, and he also killed himself and the x-man movie.


AYYY so excited but yeah like. If they make it PG, it ruins the entire point of the movie. So that’s kinda upsetting. It will kinda ruin the movie if they make it PG but oh well.


yes… Miraculous Lady Bug

HE SHOULD HAVE OPENED THE DOOR, but TBH I think I love him more bc he didn’t because he’s such an innocent soul so clueless D:


The glitch to the update has affected me… but in a positive way… HAHAHA :grimacing: Oh boy


So… on the 2018 Forums Awards - Fifth Edition: Voting I was nominated 12 times, which is great and I feel like I finally understand what people mean when they say, “It’s an honour to be nominated,” because it totally is… but… The real treat is that 17 of my nomination ‘reasons’ were quoted… Like woah! I’m also really worried it’s so obvious which ones are mine… HAHAHA


I’ve seen into the spider-verse and like I give the movie a B… the animation was very cool but sometimes overpowering and like, there were some stuff that really bothered me. However, my favorite character was Olivia Octavious because lowkey was like, why isn’t Dr. Octavious in this movie xD and then seeing him as a girl was like yasss


I still can’t believe that Primrose died in the book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.




Gossip Girl is Dan!



There goes the series smh :PP





:sob: sEcOnD sErIeS rUiNeD; my evil evil sister told me who A was in PLL literally a couple days ago and I’m still like:

*sobs and runs away*



That was going to be my next spoiler HAHAHA, was going to let the GG one sink in a bit more though lol


hOw DaRE yEe


I love spoilers.


Prim dies in the end.


Spoiler for Ant-man and the wasp ice ven wanting to say for a while…His friends are the vest I can’t believe an ant was playing the drums in his place and that the Van Dykes’ turn into dust or whatever it is at the end! well after some end credits!