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How many books are there for PLL?

Also whew… I can’t even remember how many As there was. Pretty Little Liars was great in first season, but after first A, they butchered it in the show :tired_face:




Jason Grace dide in The trail of Apollo book 3…I officially hates Apollo. And I’m not gonna continue reading the series. :sob:


I’m going to start adopting people again just to beat Sahsa I’m at 27 kids now three more to go :smiling_imp:


What :scream:
@/BadassSaasha had more kids then you?
I don’t even have one child :astonished:


Sadly! But don’t worry I’m catch up :smirk: hey! Can I adopt you tho?!


Sorry, already adopted by @Daisy_Flower1


Ayeeeeee she’s my discord daughter!


grandma? :scream:


raises hand I don hav a mommi :frowning:


But she is your great grandchild or something


You may be my great grandchild or something but I’ll totally adopt you!


que I have a parent and don’t know it ? lel who kidnapped me @16AngelCat , @Chocolate_Mama


You are Choco’s grandmother or great grandmother or great aunt or something like that. You are Choco’s elder.


lel that’s what I get for reading too fast. >.<

Do you have the link to the family tree? I’m curious who my children are xD


It is in my bio


I can’t find myself ;-;


Click on find and then select you


Thank you :slight_smile: