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In the story LOVE ME BLACK & BLUE by Effy Ameer, the MC ends up with Dedric.


Isn’t it just fantastic when you have a stomachache and feel like lying down to ease the bad feelings inside and it feels so nice and soothing, until the ache returns and it feels awful again while you’re lying somewhere comfortable after an exhausting day?

Yeah, I feel that way too.

How did you…? This is sorcery!
Please, teach me your ways…


Spoiler for “College Days: Mysterious Northview” if you’ve read it:

Aurelia is not as nice as she seems. She starts a war in the supernatural realm and the human realm. She’s the real antagonist and much worse than Venetia. Melania becomes her sidekick. Based on your choice in episode 3 with Ryan, you will either become his rival/enemy, friend, or wife at the end. Joseph commits suicide after what Venetia did to him. Cameron ends up with PTSD because of Joseph raping him, and Helena & River most likely stay close to each other after college. The protagonist’s (Arden) mom is alive and takes care of her. There’s a huge twist at the end as well.


In the story Mr. Anonymous by Cassie, you will never find out who Mr. Anonymous is (not even at the end). But the author drops a lot of hints throughout the story.


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What the flip flop!? ALL THOSE TICKETS


Ikr, I was shocked :joy:

It literally ends with the anonymous guy dumping his phone into the water.


WHAT THE-- you know what THANK YOU saved me time!


Spoiler of Chain Reaction/It’s Just An Illusion :wink:

Trey dies in the second It’s Just An Illusion story.


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Never liked him!


disrespecting the dead :pensive: :scream:


Depends on who they are :woman_shrugging:t3:


Spoiler for the NUN:



Knew it.


Spoiler for Gone Girl:

The woman lied, for revenge on her husband because he’s an a-hole. He didn’t deserve that, though :unamused:


Spoiler for Silhouettes by aprilish

You don’t ‘end up’ with either guy. Oh, and they’re all the same guy btw! Turns out Aeon is a shapeshifter of sorts and was pretending to be three people just to get close to you Is this really sweet of creepy? I never know.


Dang. Why did he do that?


Um um um… for love? :laughing: