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Don’t know if this counts as a spoiler but…

I’m writing a comedy story called TAKE DOWN, which is about the new student Aaliya (the MC) takin’ down the mean girl, Julia Delmonte. :upside_down_face:


SPOILER ALERT!!! :warning::warning::warning:

Lord Farquaad DIES!!!



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I’ve been reading (or more like watching on YouTube, since my parents took my phone haha) The Shaw Brothers. I don’t understand why everyone likes Christopher, he’s such a jerk to April! Plus, he’s also a criminal (I actually suspected that) who told his twin sister to kill someone! He got out of jail, but his sister got a life sentence. (Haven’t finished it yet…)

I hope I don’t get hate for this, lol.


Spoilers for The Shaw Brothers.

I finished watching the story. Jade gets out of jail, Mason starts dating April, Christopher continues to be a jerk, it is revealed that Mason has anger issues and he starts to get very possessive, April breaks up with him and avoids Jade, Mason, and Christopher for like a month, and when she does see Mason again he’s, like, completely changed? Seriously, he went insane, like Christopher’s father, Noah (who is one of the most insane characters I’ve ever seen in an Episode story). April gets help from this girl called Riot, who has apparently been in some type of relationship with all three (meaning, Jade, Chris & Mason) of them? Christopher starts being a less of a pain (well to his dad LOL), he tells April that he likes her, then she starts to like him and stuff. Then a while later Mason goes back to his “normal” self. Now Christopher & April are kinda in a relationship? Idk. Mason doesn’t know about it. Oh, and Landon from The New Girl by Saige Mercer is Christopher and Jade’s cousin. And in the most recent episode, Noah reveals that Amethyst, Christopher & Jade’s mom, is still sick, and she’s refusing treatment. I feel like I’m forgetting something lmaooooooo

Also, dang, that was long. :0




spoiler for myself: i’m going to fail that freakin test tomorrow because i play to mutch episode!!!


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Melati was dead all along


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Spoiler: Angel ends up leaving Buffy in BTVS (goes to Los Angeles, has his own spin-off show) :vampire:



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